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Dracul Trade Office seeking new partners

The Dracul Office of the Trade Representative announced this weekend that they’re seeking new trade partners within the micronational community. Eugene Smith, Representative stated this week that partners are the fundamental asset to sending and receiving goods in and out of the Commonwealth. “We’ve had trade partners before in the past, but much of what … Continue reading “Dracul Trade Office seeking new partners”

4 Years Later: How Dracul Excelled Quickly

Since it’s inception on September 25, 2017, Dracul is one of the fastest growing and professional micronations within the community, not only in regards to citizenships, but positive relations with the more popular and successful micronations. Within just a few months of Dracul’s existence, micronations such as Flandrensis and Westarctica put Dracul on their radars, … Continue reading “4 Years Later: How Dracul Excelled Quickly”