Association medically discriminates against Dracul official’s son

Daniel Betzwiser, a bright and outgoing 14-year old teenager from Danville, Illinois, enjoyed the game of soccer since he was 9 years old. Everything was going great in life, until his world was turned upside down by a horrendous medical issue.

Sarah Estrada, the mother of Daniel, stated a few weeks ago that he experienced a random episode of blankness. “We were at home and all of a sudden he just went blank.” said Estrada. At first it seemed not to be such a big issue, but then it happened again a few days later. “The school called, stating that Daniel was ill and needed to be picked up.” said Estrada. “We decided it was best to go to the emergency room, where a doctor observed a medical episode, ultimately diagnosing him with absent seizures.” According to Estrada, the ER doctor who diagnosed Daniel, stated he was cleared to continue playing soccer without restriction. A few days later a soccer game was scheduled, which included Daniel on the field.

“During the game, Daniel’s coach stated that Daniel began acting weird on the field, even becoming aggressive at moments. Daniel blanked out again, resulting in another player running into him.” said Estrada. “Daniel ended up kicking in his episode, which resulted in a player becoming injured.”

After the incident, Estrada and Daniel’s coach ran over to him, where they witnessed his eyes vibrating. He was quickly taken off the field, where Estrada made the ultimate decision to pull Daniel from the rest of the games, until his situation was better managed. Later that day, a mass text message was sent out to all the soccer parents on the team, which included Estrada. According to the text, a meeting was scheduled for the parents, to discuss the incident that occurred with Daniel, which was highly embarrassing in the eyes of Estrada and Daniel.

After the parent meeting took place, contact was made between Estrada and DASA, the Danville Area Soccer Association, who informed Estrada that a board meeting was held without her, which determined that Daniel was a ‘malicious, unmanaged disabled child’, according to a representative of the board. Their decision resulted in Daniel being kicked out of the league, due to his disability.

“Daniel doesn’t recall the incident at all. I was further told that Daniel cannot come to the sports complex, participate on the sidelines, or even watch his sister practice because of the incident that occurred.” said Estrada. “Then I was told that he can’t even participate in the homecoming parade and simply stand on the float.” she added.

According to the American Disability Act, Title 3, 28 CFR Part 36, public venues cannot take such actions against those with medical issues. Estrada filed complaints with the ADA and also with the IRS, because of the association’s non-profit status. It was later found out that the board meeting that was held, that determined Daniel was banned from the team, included the father of the son who Daniel injured. A petition on was started by Estrada titled, “Let Daniel sit on the sidelines at winter park“. So far the petition has reached over 100 signatures and continues to grow. Estrada now intends on seeking legal representation in this situation.

“He knows he’s unable to play, he just wants access to the sidelines and the ability to watch his sister play.” said Estrada.

Cooper sworn in as 3rd Governor of South Dracul

The 26th of September was a change for South Dracul, as Bruce Cooper, former Lieutenant-Governor of the state, was sworn into office as the 3rd Governor. The change came in the absence of former Governor Katie Arnold, who had been away on maternity leave, who then resigned due to her newborn daughter, Serenity.

Governor Cooper took the oath of office in the early morning hours, due to his location in Melbourne, Australia. His record of assisting other regions, such as Bran District as Mayor, along with Director of Naturalization, helped him transfer over without conflict. Cooper’s most recent actions as Lieutenant-Governor included creating a state constitution, establishing a state legislature, and an elections division; things that were desperately needed within the state.

With citizenship being on the decline since the beginning of COVID, Governor Cooper plans to create more jobs and attract more attention towards not only the state, but Dracul as a whole. While the governor has been active and patriotic towards Dracul, there were times he was not given the ability to show his full potential in other positions. With this new position, he hopes that he can shine by making dramatic, positive changes to his new state of residency and employment.

Dracul celebrates 4 years with fireworks and gathering

The 25th of September started off with greetings of celebration around the community, among Draculians, allies, and supporters. Dracul finally reached its fourth birthday and it was seen as a huge accomplishment among the Commonwealth.

Founded in 2017 by Stephen Luke, Dmitri Howie, and Mark Millner, the constitutional republic has maintained a steep climb along the lines of government leadership, citizenship, and goals. Most micronations don’t make it past six months to one year, according to many statistics.

The celebration started with a meet and greet in Bran District, which included Draculians meeting one another for the first time and re-connecting with old faces. A dinner then proceeded, with pizza, appetizers, drinks, and music at the Dracul Houston Embassy. To finish off a great birthday, pyro techs in Uvalde, TX, which were friends of Vice President Luke, agreed to carry out a fireworks celebration, since fireworks are prohibited within the macro City of Houston.

Vice President Luke said in an Instagram video last night that he was proud of Dracul’s allies, both past and present, for their contribution and alliance towards the Commonwealth. Distinguished micronationalists such as Travis McHenry even congratulated Dracul on Instagram for reaching four years.

The next holiday observed in Dracul will be on November 2nd, which is Vlad Tepes’s Birthday.

Opinion: 4 Years of Dracul, What’s next?

Since Dracul’s inception back in 2017, the country has seen its fair share of ups and downs. From Martial Law to Parliamentary restructuring and even exterior conflict, the nation has not been shy with activity.

I joined Dracul in Early August 2020 seeking a nation to plant my roots, somewhere to base my understanding of the micronational community and the people in it. Dracul has provided so much more than that, a place to learn, share, laugh and overall, just a great community of interesting and good people.

Dracul is interesting in the fact that things occur either quite fast or very slow. for example, When Bran District as first created and received its first Mayor, nothing much really happened. for around 2-3 Months nothing happened, but then the council started having weekly meetings and passing bills quite fast.

Another example, Parliament was rather unorganised until recently when they decided to move to discord and create their own rules of procedures.

I feel that yes, there is still some inactivity in the country, but when the Luke-Modena Administration takes over, Dracul will become an even brighter star than it is right now.

The Luke presidency will bring a much needed change in leader in my opinion. The main goals that the Luke Administration is planning doing is increasing citizen activity, removing useless jobs and other much needed changes.

Parliament approves constitutional changes

Monday evening was a game changer for the nation, as the newly elected Parliament voted to switch the nation’s voting system from parliament elected to first-past-the-post, commonly referred to as “popular vote”. This was in regards to Article 11, Section 2.

From the inception of Dracul, national elections were set to be voted on and confirmed by the Parliament. After realizing that many did not concur with this system, the Parliament amended the constitution to enact the new system.

In addition to the voting system, a national elections division was created, which will be responsible for ensuring election integrity, counting votes, and confirming the results. States will still be responsible for their own state and local elections. Bruce Cooper of South Dracul was nominated and confirmed as the national elections director.

Various other tasks, such as deciding which previously passed bills would remain in law took place. According to the current Parliament, since the previous Parliament was unconstitutional and not elected by the people, those laws were considered null and void.

With the recent resignation of Whisper Williams as Attorney General, Parliament also confirmed the nomination of Eugene Smith as the 5th Attorney General.

National elections will take place November 8 for President of Dracul. President Howie noted he will not be seeking re-election.

4 Years Later: How Dracul Excelled Quickly

Since it’s inception on September 25, 2017, Dracul is one of the fastest growing and professional micronations within the community, not only in regards to citizenships, but positive relations with the more popular and successful micronations.

Within just a few months of Dracul’s existence, micronations such as Flandrensis and Westarctica put Dracul on their radars, citing the professionalism and structure of Dracul, according to both leaders. To this day, relations hold strong with the two, which later included others such as Aigues-Mortes, Saint-Castin, and West Who. In February of 2021, Molossia accepted Vice President Luke’s invitation to the first MicroWorkshop, which was held on Zoom.

As we approach Dracul’s 4 year anniversary, many wonder how Dracul remained functional and successful. Most micronations do not have a lengthy success, with most dying out within six months to one year. The answer however is not that complicated as we found out through interviews with several officials.

“After we launched Dracul in 2017, we first noticed the well distinguished micronations and how professional they were.” said President Howie. “We noticed others, many ran by younger ages, which were a lot less serious and dedicated. We wanted to aim higher than most, which is exactly what we did.” he added. It’s no surprise that there are well over 2,000 micronations around the world and all have different missions, seriousness, and outcomes.

“Dracul got where we are today by being as serious as any dedicated founding father should be.” said Vice President Stephen Luke. We avoided formal discussions with others over social media, we established a proper constitution, rules and regulations were always followed, we were respectful to others in our communications, we bought a website and kept it updated, and we avoided childish behavior.” he added.

Certainly, just like any other micronation or officially recognized nation, Dracul has seen it’s fair share of internal conflict, which in most circumstances were resolved quickly and properly. “I think micronations need to approach their real conflicts with tact and seriousness.” said South Dracul Lt. Governor Cooper. “When I first arrived in Dracul, I wasn’t as serious as I should have been, but over time I realized I needed to adjust to the rhythm of the nation.”

“Any micronation can climb to the top.” said Vice President Luke. “The question is whether they want to or not.” he ended. Most micronations want to be popular, but lack the dedication that comes with running a country, according to many well distinguished micronations. Dedication and seriousness seem to be what helps a micronation quickly climb to the top.

While gaining income for your micronation is completely understandable, some micronations seem to operate as a title collecting or business service, only focused on the amount of sales and products they have to sell. This typically causes a loss of interest in them in many eyes, due to the fact that nothing else appears important to them. “We certainly hope to see a more successful world of micronations in the future.” said Vice President Luke. “I never wish for any micronation to fail; on the contrary I pray for their success.” He ended.

Nicholas sweeps through Texas region, affecting Dracul/Cycoldia

Valero Gas station in Texas City with collapsed awning over gas pumps

Dracul and Cycoldia were spared from the severe rage of Hurricane Nicholas, as it swept through the region with 60 mph winds, early Tuesday morning. The hurricane made landfall as a CAT 1, but quickly lost strength as it moved along. Some areas including Surfside Beach weren’t so lucky, as many homes and businesses were flooded.

Dracul was surveyed earlier this morning around 8:45, after weather conditions reached safe levels. Upon checking the region, mostly flooded fields, downed tree limbs, and an overflowing fountain in North Dracul were discovered. The threat of rain continues, but in small amounts throughout the week.

Flooded fields were reported within Dracul

“We’ve checked the structure to the Bran House, ensuring it was safe for entry.” said Vice President Luke. “Mostly what we see are a lot of leaves and branches scattered all over the place. The unity fountain is overflowing, but the pumps will reduce the water soon.”

The Embassy of Dracul in Houston was also surveyed, which also included minimal damage mostly to trees and displaced wildlife. An empty field behind the embassy sat with water, which is expected to take a few days to finally dry out.

The last time Dracul experienced a hurricane was in 2017 during Hurricane Harvey. Most of the aftermath then was the same this time around. At this point there are no emergencies to report and things are expected to clear up within the week. The September 25 Foundation Day is still planned, time TBA.

We are still awaiting word from Cycoldia on the damage reported at their region.

Is Dracul prepared for a hurricane?

Earlier this week, the National Weather Service of the United States announced a storm forming in the Gulf Coast named Nicholas, which is expected to affect the Mexico-Texas regions. 3-5 inches of rain are expected for the Houston area alone and many are familiar with the severity of flooding within the city.

These regions have a history of hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and flooding, so it’s typically not a surprise when the weather center announces one. Texas in particular has been spared from gigantic hurricanes the past couple of years; the most recent infamous one, Hurricane Harvey left much property damage and claimed more than its fair share of lives.

The question that many wonder is if Dracul itself is prepared for another hurricane and if so what’s the most that could happen? We spoke with the Dracul government to learn more.

“There’s a large amount of wildlife within Dracul, which includes many turtles, birds, snakes, and especially deer. During this habit restoration project, we want to ensure that the animals do not become displaced due to damage within the area.” said Vice President Stephen Luke. “During Harvey we surveyed the area and found that most of the damage was flooding, tree limbs down, and some minimal damage to the roof of the Bran House.” he added.

With Dracul being mostly a barren and inhospitable area, most of the ground becomes saturated with heavy rains, which results in flooding. Luckily for those who are citizens of the Commonwealth, their homes are not located within Dracul.

“I have 100% confidence that should Dracul receive another storm or hurricane that we will not be severely affected.” said President Drew Howie. “We just have to wait for the water to go down, especially in Horsepen Bayou, before we can carry out any visits or events.” he added.

YAMOs. An opinion on them and their success

Before the Dracul Government launched a study in late 2017 and participated in two organizations, many questions were asked around the community such as, “What makes an organization fail?, “what’s needed to make them succeed?”, and “is it worth starting one?”. We spoke with three micronationalists around the community to learn more.

“I believe people dislike YAMOs because of their tendency to fail” said HIM Christina of Cycoldia. “Many YAMOs are pointless, most created as a form of a power grab, where they try to resemble the United Nations too much.” said HSM Charles of Graustark. Most organizations in the real world provide some kind of service or legitimate function that gives them a reason to exist, according to Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica.

Many YAMOS are started by newer micronationalists who don’t know what they are doing, which means they either lose interest or they aren’t managed right, stated by HIM Christina. After Dracul participated with two and then left both, that was certainly the reasoning in the eyes of their government. “We just have too many organizations.” said HSM Charles. “An organization needs to serve a real purpose and the issue is most that exist just simply don’t. Many are conflicting and oversaturated.” he ended.

“Even attempts at creating ‘professional associations’ of micronations have ultimately failed because they don’t do anything that an individual micronationalist can’t do on their own.” stated Grand Duke Travis.

If you’ve ever been a part of a YAMO, you’ve probably had the experience of dealing with power grabs within them. A genuine chairman with good true intentions, who has an actual mission plan should be appointed. “When you look at the numbers there’s really only three organizations that have gained success, such as the 1988 League of Secessionist States (LOSS) and presently the Grand Unified Micronational, which even they are struggling.” said HSM Charles. Grand Duke Travis added in that there are additional exceptions, such as the Antarctic Micronational Union which aggressively protects the claims of its members, giving a reason to be a part of it.

So how does a community such as ours change things around for the better? Should there be less or perhaps more YAMOs? Do more rules need to be passed within them? It’s not that complicated actually. According to many, there needs to be a core body of members who feel wholeheartedly about the primary mission. “Does it have actual practical use or is it just for fun? When it comes to leadership, there needs to be strong leadership. All members must truly commit, meet often, and create bylaws to follow.” stated HSM Charles.

“Many believe the collapse of the 2019 O.A.M. was due to the leadership getting ahead of itself, when they tried to expand too quickly.” said HSM Charles. “There were too many laws passed, which no one ended up following, which then resulted in it becoming authoritarian. These are things organizations must avoid in order to become a successful organization.” he added. Grand Duke Travis believes that MicroCon has become a type of “micronational congress” that meets in a manner similar to the G8 nation summits.

Will the future turn positive for micronational organizations? Most certainly hope so. With many young micronationalists growing in age, which comes with additional maturity, that just might be the spark for this community.

VP Luke accepts Guardian Party Presidential nomination

It came to no surprise for many that Vice President Stephen Luke would accept a nomination for President of Dracul, however several conditions such as a party switch and a new Vice Presidential pick were unexpected by many.

VP Luke stated in his acceptance speech that he would continue to improve Dracul for the better by bring back more activity, better restructure the government, and create more opportunities for those in Dracul. Luke also picked Connor Modena as his Vice President, after former Attorney General Whisper Williams resigned from his government jobs.

Current President Dmitri Howie, which for the most part of his presidency has been absent due to ongoing health, family, and business matters endorsed Luke’s Presidential campaign after he decided he would not be seeking a second term. “Stephen knows what he’s doing, he’s been devoted to this nation, especially during my absence and he would be a valuable President to Dracul.” said President Howie.

For most of Dracul’s existence, political parties didn’t exist and when they did they were rarely ever used. Over the past couple of months two political parties arose with activity, which included the Dragon Party and Guardian Party.

The Guardian Party, founded by Connor Modena and Scott Jeanes became the most popular party to join, which included a mixture of what Americans would call Republican and Libertarian.

Since VP Luke declares his views as half republican and half libertarian, it made sense for him to switch from the Dragon Party to the Guardian party, since the Dragon party was solely libertarian. There was also the fact that Luke, Modena, and Jeanes worked closely together.

The Dracul Presidential Election is set for November 8 and the inauguration is January 6, 2022. This will be the first time the community will be voting for their President. Currently there are no opponents for Luke/Modena.