VP Luke accepts Guardian Party Presidential nomination

It came to no surprise for many that Vice President Stephen Luke would accept a nomination for President of Dracul, however several conditions such as a party switch and a new Vice Presidential pick were unexpected by many.

VP Luke stated in his acceptance speech that he would continue to improve Dracul for the better by bring back more activity, better restructure the government, and create more opportunities for those in Dracul. Luke also picked Connor Modena as his Vice President, after former Attorney General Whisper Williams resigned from his government jobs.

Current President Dmitri Howie, which for the most part of his presidency has been absent due to ongoing health, family, and business matters endorsed Luke’s Presidential campaign after he decided he would not be seeking a second term. “Stephen knows what he’s doing, he’s been devoted to this nation, especially during my absence and he would be a valuable President to Dracul.” said President Howie.

For most of Dracul’s existence, political parties didn’t exist and when they did they were rarely ever used. Over the past couple of months two political parties arose with activity, which included the Dragon Party and Guardian Party.

The Guardian Party, founded by Connor Modena and Scott Jeanes became the most popular party to join, which included a mixture of what Americans would call Republican and Libertarian.

Since VP Luke declares his views as half republican and half libertarian, it made sense for him to switch from the Dragon Party to the Guardian party, since the Dragon party was solely libertarian. There was also the fact that Luke, Modena, and Jeanes worked closely together.

The Dracul Presidential Election is set for November 8 and the inauguration is January 6, 2022. This will be the first time the community will be voting for their President. Currently there are no opponents for Luke/Modena.