YAMOs. An opinion on them and their success

Before the Dracul Government launched a study in late 2017 and participated in two organizations, many questions were asked around the community such as, “What makes an organization fail?, “what’s needed to make them succeed?”, and “is it worth starting one?”. We spoke with three micronationalists around the community to learn more.

“I believe people dislike YAMOs because of their tendency to fail” said HIM Christina of Cycoldia. “Many YAMOs are pointless, most created as a form of a power grab, where they try to resemble the United Nations too much.” said HSM Charles of Graustark. Most organizations in the real world provide some kind of service or legitimate function that gives them a reason to exist, according to Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica.

Many YAMOS are started by newer micronationalists who don’t know what they are doing, which means they either lose interest or they aren’t managed right, stated by HIM Christina. After Dracul participated with two and then left both, that was certainly the reasoning in the eyes of their government. “We just have too many organizations.” said HSM Charles. “An organization needs to serve a real purpose and the issue is most that exist just simply don’t. Many are conflicting and oversaturated.” he ended.

“Even attempts at creating ‘professional associations’ of micronations have ultimately failed because they don’t do anything that an individual micronationalist can’t do on their own.” stated Grand Duke Travis.

If you’ve ever been a part of a YAMO, you’ve probably had the experience of dealing with power grabs within them. A genuine chairman with good true intentions, who has an actual mission plan should be appointed. “When you look at the numbers there’s really only three organizations that have gained success, such as the 1988 League of Secessionist States (LOSS) and presently the Grand Unified Micronational, which even they are struggling.” said HSM Charles. Grand Duke Travis added in that there are additional exceptions, such as the Antarctic Micronational Union which aggressively protects the claims of its members, giving a reason to be a part of it.

So how does a community such as ours change things around for the better? Should there be less or perhaps more YAMOs? Do more rules need to be passed within them? It’s not that complicated actually. According to many, there needs to be a core body of members who feel wholeheartedly about the primary mission. “Does it have actual practical use or is it just for fun? When it comes to leadership, there needs to be strong leadership. All members must truly commit, meet often, and create bylaws to follow.” stated HSM Charles.

“Many believe the collapse of the 2019 O.A.M. was due to the leadership getting ahead of itself, when they tried to expand too quickly.” said HSM Charles. “There were too many laws passed, which no one ended up following, which then resulted in it becoming authoritarian. These are things organizations must avoid in order to become a successful organization.” he added. Grand Duke Travis believes that MicroCon has become a type of “micronational congress” that meets in a manner similar to the G8 nation summits.

Will the future turn positive for micronational organizations? Most certainly hope so. With many young micronationalists growing in age, which comes with additional maturity, that just might be the spark for this community.