4 Years Later: How Dracul Excelled Quickly

Since it’s inception on September 25, 2017, Dracul is one of the fastest growing and professional micronations within the community, not only in regards to citizenships, but positive relations with the more popular and successful micronations.

Within just a few months of Dracul’s existence, micronations such as Flandrensis and Westarctica put Dracul on their radars, citing the professionalism and structure of Dracul, according to both leaders. To this day, relations hold strong with the two, which later included others such as Aigues-Mortes, Saint-Castin, and West Who. In February of 2021, Molossia accepted Vice President Luke’s invitation to the first MicroWorkshop, which was held on Zoom.

As we approach Dracul’s 4 year anniversary, many wonder how Dracul remained functional and successful. Most micronations do not have a lengthy success, with most dying out within six months to one year. The answer however is not that complicated as we found out through interviews with several officials.

“After we launched Dracul in 2017, we first noticed the well distinguished micronations and how professional they were.” said President Howie. “We noticed others, many ran by younger ages, which were a lot less serious and dedicated. We wanted to aim higher than most, which is exactly what we did.” he added. It’s no surprise that there are well over 2,000 micronations around the world and all have different missions, seriousness, and outcomes.

“Dracul got where we are today by being as serious as any dedicated founding father should be.” said Vice President Stephen Luke. We avoided formal discussions with others over social media, we established a proper constitution, rules and regulations were always followed, we were respectful to others in our communications, we bought a website and kept it updated, and we avoided childish behavior.” he added.

Certainly, just like any other micronation or officially recognized nation, Dracul has seen it’s fair share of internal conflict, which in most circumstances were resolved quickly and properly. “I think micronations need to approach their real conflicts with tact and seriousness.” said South Dracul Lt. Governor Cooper. “When I first arrived in Dracul, I wasn’t as serious as I should have been, but over time I realized I needed to adjust to the rhythm of the nation.”

“Any micronation can climb to the top.” said Vice President Luke. “The question is whether they want to or not.” he ended. Most micronations want to be popular, but lack the dedication that comes with running a country, according to many well distinguished micronations. Dedication and seriousness seem to be what helps a micronation quickly climb to the top.

While gaining income for your micronation is completely understandable, some micronations seem to operate as a title collecting or business service, only focused on the amount of sales and products they have to sell. This typically causes a loss of interest in them in many eyes, due to the fact that nothing else appears important to them. “We certainly hope to see a more successful world of micronations in the future.” said Vice President Luke. “I never wish for any micronation to fail; on the contrary I pray for their success.” He ended.