Parliament approves constitutional changes

Monday evening was a game changer for the nation, as the newly elected Parliament voted to switch the nation’s voting system from parliament elected to first-past-the-post, commonly referred to as “popular vote”. This was in regards to Article 11, Section 2.

From the inception of Dracul, national elections were set to be voted on and confirmed by the Parliament. After realizing that many did not concur with this system, the Parliament amended the constitution to enact the new system.

In addition to the voting system, a national elections division was created, which will be responsible for ensuring election integrity, counting votes, and confirming the results. States will still be responsible for their own state and local elections. Bruce Cooper of South Dracul was nominated and confirmed as the national elections director.

Various other tasks, such as deciding which previously passed bills would remain in law took place. According to the current Parliament, since the previous Parliament was unconstitutional and not elected by the people, those laws were considered null and void.

With the recent resignation of Whisper Williams as Attorney General, Parliament also confirmed the nomination of Eugene Smith as the 5th Attorney General.

National elections will take place November 8 for President of Dracul. President Howie noted he will not be seeking re-election.