Opinion: 4 Years of Dracul, What’s next?

Since Dracul’s inception back in 2017, the country has seen its fair share of ups and downs. From Martial Law to Parliamentary restructuring and even exterior conflict, the nation has not been shy with activity.

I joined Dracul in Early August 2020 seeking a nation to plant my roots, somewhere to base my understanding of the micronational community and the people in it. Dracul has provided so much more than that, a place to learn, share, laugh and overall, just a great community of interesting and good people.

Dracul is interesting in the fact that things occur either quite fast or very slow. for example, When Bran District as first created and received its first Mayor, nothing much really happened. for around 2-3 Months nothing happened, but then the council started having weekly meetings and passing bills quite fast.

Another example, Parliament was rather unorganised until recently when they decided to move to discord and create their own rules of procedures.

I feel that yes, there is still some inactivity in the country, but when the Luke-Modena Administration takes over, Dracul will become an even brighter star than it is right now.

The Luke presidency will bring a much needed change in leader in my opinion. The main goals that the Luke Administration is planning doing is increasing citizen activity, removing useless jobs and other much needed changes.