Dracul celebrates 4 years with fireworks and gathering

The 25th of September started off with greetings of celebration around the community, among Draculians, allies, and supporters. Dracul finally reached its fourth birthday and it was seen as a huge accomplishment among the Commonwealth.

Founded in 2017 by Stephen Luke, Dmitri Howie, and Mark Millner, the constitutional republic has maintained a steep climb along the lines of government leadership, citizenship, and goals. Most micronations don’t make it past six months to one year, according to many statistics.

The celebration started with a meet and greet in Bran District, which included Draculians meeting one another for the first time and re-connecting with old faces. A dinner then proceeded, with pizza, appetizers, drinks, and music at the Dracul Houston Embassy. To finish off a great birthday, pyro techs in Uvalde, TX, which were friends of Vice President Luke, agreed to carry out a fireworks celebration, since fireworks are prohibited within the macro City of Houston.

Vice President Luke said in an Instagram video last night that he was proud of Dracul’s allies, both past and present, for their contribution and alliance towards the Commonwealth. Distinguished micronationalists such as Travis McHenry even congratulated Dracul on Instagram for reaching four years.

The next holiday observed in Dracul will be on November 2nd, which is Vlad Tepes’s Birthday.