Cooper sworn in as 3rd Governor of South Dracul

The 26th of September was a change for South Dracul, as Bruce Cooper, former Lieutenant-Governor of the state, was sworn into office as the 3rd Governor. The change came in the absence of former Governor Katie Arnold, who had been away on maternity leave, who then resigned due to her newborn daughter, Serenity.

Governor Cooper took the oath of office in the early morning hours, due to his location in Melbourne, Australia. His record of assisting other regions, such as Bran District as Mayor, along with Director of Naturalization, helped him transfer over without conflict. Cooper’s most recent actions as Lieutenant-Governor included creating a state constitution, establishing a state legislature, and an elections division; things that were desperately needed within the state.

With citizenship being on the decline since the beginning of COVID, Governor Cooper plans to create more jobs and attract more attention towards not only the state, but Dracul as a whole. While the governor has been active and patriotic towards Dracul, there were times he was not given the ability to show his full potential in other positions. With this new position, he hopes that he can shine by making dramatic, positive changes to his new state of residency and employment.

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