First Presidential Election; are you registered to vote?

As many are aware, this November 8, 2021 will be the first Presidential Election in the Commonwealth of Dracul. A true historic moment, due to the fact that since the beginning, only members of parliament, governors, and city council positions have been elected.

The Dracul Elections Division would like to remind everyone to register to vote, even if they’re unsure of being registered. “If you’re already registered and you register again, it’s not going to harm anything” said Dracul’s current President Howie. “It’s better to be safe than sorry, because on election day it’ll be too late to register” he added.

In this Presidential election, current Vice President Stephen Luke, along with Connor Modena are running unopposed. While that might mean an automatic victory, performing your civic duty is exactly what democracy allows. “There’s also the case of someone dropping their name into the hat at the last moment” said Vice President Luke. “We aren’t expecting anyone else at the moment, but it’s always a possibility.” he added.

For those interested in voting, front homepage provides a link for citizens to register. Just select “Register to Vote” and complete the required fields. Deadline to register for this election is October 5.

What exactly was the Dracul-Graustark conflict?

To clear the air of confusion based on the Graustark matter, we sat down with Vice President Stephen Luke for a one-on-one interview to learn what actually happened.

Vice President Luke, thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us exactly how we got here today, along the lines of confusion. Some believe this to be a wargame, while others see it as a war or conflict.

This was a very confusing situation to start. Our Department of Defense began a wargame to start exercises within our military, however right after beginning this wargame, an actual investigation involving the same person involved in the wargame began. During a phone call with Von Graustark two days ago, I asked him if he had been doing anything against Dracul in Graustark, and if yes, what? He told me ‘Treason, might as well since everyone accuses me of that’. Due to his past charge on treason last year I did not want to downplay it, so informed the Department of Defense, who carried out the investigation with our allies.

Were your allies involved with the wargame or the investigation?

Our allies such as Cycoldia and Heimatia were involved in only the military investigation, which we considered to be a version of war. We did not however at any point claim deaths, takeovers, or anything along those lines. The wargame was on the end of Dracul, which as you can see was short-lived.

Two days ago you had made a declaration of war on Graustark; are you saying now that it was not an authentic statement?

With this being a military investigation, which we all considered to be a form of a war, yes it was real, however I think people need to realize that this wasn’t the typical ‘childish micronational war’ that this community normally sees. All of this was carried out realistically and professionally and on an intelligence level.

Was there ever a wargame mentioned during the investigation to your allies or other military members?

We never mentioned a wargame or staged the investigation, as it was all authentic and we had no idea what Graustark was doing. That’s exactly why our allies were brought in and used intelligence to gain information throughout it. We and our allies were on the same page the entire time.

So what you’re saying is there was initially a wargame and shortly after, an ongoing military investigation, which only your allies were involved with the investigation?

Yes, and while it might be confusing, that is correct. Once we had a meeting yesterday and Von Graustark admitted during it that he was joking; no treason had actually been committed, that it was part of the wargame and our investigation proved nothing, we mutually agreed to end the investigation. To end, yes there was a wargame, but there was also an investigation.

Vice President Luke thank you for your time

You bet!

House of Representatives dissolved; becomes bicameral Parliament

The Dracul House of Representatives voted to dissolve itself last week, as the Parliament concluded that two houses weren’t necessary to run the nation, in addition to a shortage of legislatures since the beginning of the first session.

Eugene Smith, who was elected along with Bruce Cooper, were voted in by the North and South Dracul Parliaments, in order to have quorum to complete the task. After the dissolution, both individuals returned to their primary governmental duties; Mr. Cooper as South Dracul’s Lieutenant Governor and Mr. Smith as Trade Representative.

The Parliament plans to meet this week to go over laws and make several changes to the Constitution, as it was noted in the previous session that several procedures were not included within it.