Ladonian Founder dies in automobile crash

The 3rd of October was a day of mourning in the Royal Republic of Ladonia, after news broke of their founder and current State Secretary Lars Vilks’s death.

According to various news sources, Vilks was traveling in a vehicle with bodyguards, when a tire on his vehicle exploded, causing the vehicle to lose control and crash into a truck. At this time it is unknown if foul play was a factor in the automobile crash.

Vilks, a well known Swedish artist in the macro world, had been under police protection since 2007, after individuals attempted to burn his house down, in retaliation to a religious drawing he had made on the Prophet Mohammed. Various other attempts on his life had been made, including a shooting at a Copenhagen, Denmark seminar, which left police officers killed.

A post was made on the 4th of October, to the Ladonian Government Twitter account, stating the following:

I would like to thank the countries & micro nations that have send there condoleances so far. Even facebook/whatsapp/instagram are mourning. The Ladonian Government will make sure that Lars his legacy will keep living on. Egyptians build pyramids. Lars build Nimis.

Ladonian Government Twitter account