Opinion: Micronational relations and when to establish them

I’m sure there are many micronations that’ve established relations with others, only to end up never speaking with them or benefiting from the formal recognition. How exactly did we get here is typically the question that’s asked once it’s noticed.

For many micronations, the desire to be recognized is a priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small, well known or just established micronation. The fact that someone tells another we recognize your existence has much power to it, because it gives the recognized nation a feeling of belonging and feeling less isolated.

While I can certainly understand the sentiment behind that philosophy, the fact remains that most relations in micronationalism are flat out pointless. It seems in most cases that micronations gain nothing from their recognition. In order to gain something, both need to have something to give, which can really include anything.

Every micronation has made this mistake at one point or another and Dracul is no exception. I spoke with our State Secretary earlier today, in which we spoke about this very topic. About 95% of our allies are never heard from, nor do we trade with them. At this point it’d be more beneficial to cut our ties than to have a long list of names that do nothing but sit on paper every year.

To get the full effect and enjoyment out of a newly created recognition, make sure you have something that can benefit each other. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you stay in contact often, to avoid growing distant from your new ally. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to gain the most.

Some may not care about the failures of these talking points; that’s fine with me, every micronation should operate how it wants to. But for those who wish to be successful not only with their nation but their relations, these are some pretty valid points in my opinion.