Dracul’s new recognition criteria takes effect today

Dracul’s Department of State approved their newly created recognition criteria on Monday afternoon. These discussions took place, due to the large number of micronations currently recognized by Dracul, which are rarely heard from, and many of which are unable to benefit Dracul in some sort of manner.

Some of the new changes were micronations not changing their government structure from 6 months down to 3 months at the time of application, micronations must being able to provide something in return for their formal recognition, and more details added to certain sections, in order to avoid confusion or assumption.

  1. The requesting micronation must be in existence for at least 1 year. The micronation must not have drastically changed their government style within the past 3 months of applying.
  2. The micronation must have a website or social media account, showing their leaders and citizenship information. If a micronation cannot prove they’ve existed from their claimed start date, they will be rejected.
  3. All micronations must make reasonable land claims. Dracul will not establish a treaty with a micronation that claims land of an entire city, state, county, or country. In addition, the micronation cannot claim an entire population without those people’s knowledge.
  4. The micronation must physically exist. Micronations that exist virtually, have fake history, fabricated citizenship numbers, or claim planets will not be approved.
  5. Dracul will not engage in diplomacy with micronations that partake in micronational warfare, or who claim war against UN recognized nations.
  6. Any micronation that displays immature behavior, operates as a simulation, uses copyrighted images as their own, or targets legally protected groups will not be approved.
  7. Dracul will not discuss diplomacy with micronations who operate in a Marxist, Leninist, Nazi, anarchist, or Anti-Semitism style.
  8. Leaders of a micronation must be real people. There may be animals within the royal family, however they cannot be a ruling party of the government.
  9. The highest ruling person must be of legal age to be recognized. This means anyone serving as a leader, monarch, or president, who is under the age of 17 will not be recognized (nations recognized before 10/11/21 are grandfathered in).
  10. The micronation must be able to benefit Dracul, whether it’d be about economy, physical trade, or physical/digital technology. Dracul will propose the same in return.

The new requirements are in effect today, but are put into practice tomorrow, October 12, 2021. Micronations who currently hold formal recognition with Dracul will be required to meet all the new criteria, unless specified otherwise.