Heimatian former Supreme Chancellor’s new beginning in Dracul

Saturday afternoon started off with disappointing news for citizens and allies of Heimatia, as the Colonial Empire announced their dissolution, effective October 25, 2021. According to various sources, the vision of the Empire had been lost as early as several months ago and was unable to be attained.

Former Supreme Chancellor Karl Frederick announced to Dracul Officials of his desire to continue his micronational political career in a micronation he was familiar with and could trust. Vice President Luke and others welcomed Frederick into Dracul, which he gladly accepted.

According to Vice President Luke, Frederick is one of the most professional icons of Heimatia and the easiest to work with. President Luke and Frederick have a history working together in conflicts, military academy training, and foreign affairs, which made the decision for the both of them all the easier to make.

“Karl has true dedication and professionalism, which is exactly something we welcome in Dracul.” said Vice President Luke to KBRN reporters. “Although I hate to see our closest ally dissolve, I’m glad we could offer him something instead of seeing him leave micronationalism.” he ended.

At this moment, it’s unclear of exactly what Frederick will take career wise. Sources indicate he could be looking into a Department Director position or even the newly elected Parliament. Frederick was one of the original founding fathers of Heimatia and has been in micronationalism for at least three years.