Cooper wins election; sworn in as member of Parliament

SOUTH DRACUL – Bruce Cooper was sworn in as the new Member of Parliament of South Dracul on October 18, after being elected by the people of the smallest state. Although federal law states one must be at least 18 years of age for such position, an exception is allowed in the law on a case by case basis.

Cooper, the current Governor of South Dracul, is expected to resign from the position, to allow most of his time to focus on creating new laws and amendments with the rest of the national parliament. At this time it’s expected that Valeriano Anibarro (SD) or Karl Frederick (SD) might take that position.

Since his beginning in Dracul, Cooper has held various positions, such as naturalization director, Dean of Students at the former Stephen the Great University, Mayor of Bran District, and served on city councils and various other positions. Before Governor, he served as Lieutenant Governor to Katie Arnold, before her resignation due to a pregnancy complication.

Cooper’s first action on his first day in Parliament was introducing an anti-terrorism bill aimed at preventing uprising (coup d’tat) attempts. According to Cooper, he has several other bills in the making that he plans to introduce at November’s first session.