New policy on non-presidential staff contact to begin in November

Since the beginning of Dracul’s existence, contacting the Office of the President and Vice President was no challenge for micronational leaders and enthusiasts. Phone calls were always answered, messages returned, and emails replied to within reasonable time. A statement on Dracul’s discord last week stated that’s all about to change November 1st.

According to the Bran House, efforts to establish a better security policy and professionalism are needed. In addition, President Howie and Vice President Luke take the stance that just like with macro countries, the Office of the President and Vice President should not be easily accessible, as easy as a phone call.

“We’re going to be very busy in 2022 and in addition to that, many who contact our office should be contacting more appropriate offices with the questions and issues they have.” said Vice President Stephen Luke. “We’re not trying to come off as holier than thou, but we need to screen communication from outside the President’s cabinet.” he added.

In addition to the mentioned reasons, all communications, whether it’d be through phone call, email, text, or discord will be monitored by a member of the President’s staff or Department of Defense. This is to ensure that discussions stay on track, that no threats or inappropriate statements are made during contact. Should anything come across as suspicious or inappropriate, the communication will be cut immediately.

“I think this is a measure that all micronations should take, not just us.” said President Howie. “If you want to be taken seriously and avoid questions that are better suited for other departments, this is the best measure to take.” he ended.

Effective November 1st, anyone who is outside of the President’s Cabinet will have to go through the President’s cabinet or Secretary in order to set up a meeting. According to Vice President Luke, this will not affect day to day conversation, outside of micronationalism.