Final Foundation Day for Heimatia amid dissolution

STUHLBURG – The Heimatian Colonial Empire lowered its national flag for the final time last night, as the dissolution took place at 11:59pm local time. There were mixed feelings about the matter, but feelings of shattered were certainly felt throughout.

Heimatia was founded on October 25, 2018, by Karl Frederick, Logan LaChance, and Mark Terrace, as a restart from other previous micronations. The nation held mostly Germanic heritage, hence the name “Heimatia”, but established its own identity shortly after.

The dissolution came after constant internal conflicts, which resulted in the nation being unable to contain its original goals and objectives. Several sources in Heimatia stated that the people within it had changed too much, which made it difficult to work with them on various issues and goals.

Former Supreme Chancellor Karl Frederick stated that while the government itself might be dissolved, he plans on continuing the Heimatian Imperial Army via airsoft tournaments; a hobby many Heimatians were said to have enjoyed. While some members have decided to leave micronationalism all together, some have relaunched their own nations, while others joined already existing ones.

“It’s not something we wanted to see happen, but I suppose when you can’t resolve issues from within, there’s no other choice you’re left with.” said Vice President Stephen Luke. “I’d like to see them make a comeback one of these days, but even if they don’t, we’re glad to have them with us.” he ended.

Presidential candidate Luke plans to make the Heimatian flag a Dracul historical flag, in order to maintain morale among Heimatians who join Dracul. “They had success and it shall continue to be remembered.” said Stephen Luke. As of now, Karl Frederick is Director of Naturalization and begins his first day on the job today.