Karl Frederick sworn in as 3rd Naturalization Director

The opening for Naturalization Director was officially filled on Wednesday evening, as Karl Frederick was sworn in as the service’s new Director. Frederick came from the recently dissolved Heimatia and was looking to resume his micronational career.

The position was recently held by Bruce Cooper, who resigned after taking the Governor of South Dracul position. Between the two holding the position, the spot remained vacant, but was not a high priority, since citizenship growth had been stagnant over the past few months.

The swearing in ceremony took place on Discord video call, which included several witnesses. Frederick plans on improving the department and citizen growth while in office.

While the Federal Naturalization Service may be its own form of bureau, it answers to the Department of State on policy changes and unresolved matters regarding citizenship.

Since naturalization is more of a part time position, Frederick is also seeking a new leadership position on the state level in the next week or two.