Plans in the works to sell Dracul Military Commissions

Most in micronationalism know of monarchies that sell noble titles and positions, such as Grand Knight, Duke, Lord, and others. For those that operate under a different form of government, selling titles can be challenging, given the fact that most don’t offer noble titles.

Dracul has always operated under a republic form of government, so it stands to reason that they don’t offer noble titles, such as Lord or Duke. Luckily for the Commonwealth, a loophole has been discovered.

There have been recent talks among the Department of Defense, as well as the Office of the President, to do what the British and others did in earlier centuries, by selling military commissions to those interested in having a piece of Dracul to call their own. As of late, the plan is to sell these military both enlisted and officer commissions under the Dracul Navy. The navy was disbanded earlier this year, but was brought back exclusively for this very project.

Prices are expected to be between $5-$100 per rank. It’s projected that this could launch between November 2021 and February 2022. The authority that comes with the ranks will be honorary and the rules and requirements are to be determined. Ranks will be able to be purchased by both Dracul citizens and non-citizens, of all ages.

Enlisted Dracul Naval Ranks

When asked about the reasoning behind the plan, the President’s office stated that Dracul wanted to connect more with those outside the nation, and that providing something to those who pay for it would not only benefit Dracul financially, but strengthen community relations. Prices are expected to be reasonable, to cater to both low and high income earners.

“I don’t think you need to shell out $200 just to have a title, or in this case a rank.” said Vice President Stephen Luke. “This isn’t all about the money for us. We’ll even offer enlisted ranks for as low as $5.” he added.

The wearing of Dracul Naval uniforms, along with the rank is expected to be authorized. Given the fact that this project is still unofficial, details today may change by the final launch. More information will follow once final plans are announced.