Nations out of contact could soon lose recognition

Dracul’s Department of State announced today that micronations formally recognized by treaty, who have not remained in contact with the Commonwealth are at risk of losing their formal recognition. Over the past several months, Dracul has noticed many of the micronations it formally recognized have made no attempts to check in, ask for assistance, provide updates, or ask for an ambassador.

“The whole point of establishing formal recognition in the first place is to create a friendship between the other nations.” said Secretary of State Valeriano Anibarro. “If they don’t stay in touch with us, we have no idea what their status is; if they’re active or dissolved, or if they’re even alive.” he added.

Dracul is not the only one who has gone through this experience. In fact many micronations to this day have established relations with others, only for them to vanish and never be heard from again. The State Department has decided that it’s time for something to be done about this.

“All we ask is that our allies check in with us and ask us what’s going on.” said Vice President Stephen Luke. “If we have relations with them, it stands to reason that we would want them to let us know what they’re up to, or if they need help.” he ended.

At the moment, the State Department is in the process of reviewing all formally recognized treaties and checking for correspondence with those nations. For any nation that has been out of touch for over a year, they will most likely lose recognition. The list of recognized micronations will soon shrink on, expected in the next couple of weeks. For allies of Dracul wishing to get back in touch, they’re asked to email