Dracul in mourning; Founding Mother’s Husband dies in motorcycle crash

MOLDAVIA – Notice came in the late evening hours of November 17th, which informed the Federal Government of the death of Founding Mother Kassie Hood’s husband’s death.

According to sources, Aaron Hood was traveling on a public roadway at the time of his vehicle accident. Details of who else was involved and how the accident took place are still unknown at this time.

Aaron and Kassie Hood were married on June 27, 2021 in La Porte, Texas, which was the first marriage for both. Both began bringing up Kassie’s son Oliver together as a family. Due to their new family being started, Kassie had taken an extended leave of absence from Dracul, but did periodically check in.

Funeral arrangements and visitation are still unplanned at this time. Further developments will be posted in this article. For those who wish to send their condolences, please send them to services@draculgov.com. They will then be forwarded to the Founding Mother.


  1. Sincerest condolences from the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia. We are saddened to learn of this tragedy, and will hold the Hood family in our prayers.

    HRH Michael I, the Grand Duke of Nordinsel
    Prince of Scotia and Duke of Appinfeldt, et al
    Imperial Minister of War

  2. condolences from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bausman. We have lost too many great people this year. Even through tough times like these we must stay strong.

    Anthony Polash

  3. I’m saddened to learn this. The Holy Violet Church sends to all the Commonwealth of Dracul, its citizens and especially to the family of Mrs Kassie Hood’s husband its sincere condolences. We will deeply pray for the repose of his soul.

    Yours faithfully

    His Holiness Hyacinth, Primate of the Holy Violet Church.

  4. Sincere condolences from the Emperor and Autocrat William Lehman and members of the Government of the Empire of Lehmark. Tragic news for the Citizens of Dracul.

    Sincerely, Sir Peter, Count of Armstrong, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Empire of Lehmark


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