Funeral for Founding Mother’s Husband Planned for Saturday

MOLDAVIA – The funeral for Mr. Aaron Hood, late husband to Founding Mother Kassie Bushong Hood, will be held this Saturday in La Porte, Texas. Due to the funeral being invite only, the funeral home has been announced to only close friends and family.

The service and burial are expected to begin at 2:00pm and conclude after the wake. Dracul officials are planning to attend to show support to the family and the Founding Mother. Which government members are planning to attend are unknown at this time, however President-Elect Stephen Luke did announce his request off from work.

A GoFundMe page has been started to provide financial support for the funeral and living expenses. For those interested in donating, a link is available on at the top of the homepage.

“Kassie is going to have a difficult time funding all of this herself, so it stands to reason that we help her in any way possible.” said Stephen Luke. “Even a dollar helps.” he ended.

For those who wish to send their condolences, please email them to They will be forwarded to the Founding Mother.