Government Officials and Citizen make trip to tour Dracul

A planned trip for a government official and citizen took place late Sunday morning, as a tour of Dracul, along with the embassy were provided by President Luke to the out of town visitors.

Naturalization Director Karl Frederick and citizen Mark Terrace arrived at 10:00am, where their tour began at the Dracul Houston Embassy. Shortly after their motorcade arrived in Dracul, where their first Dracul experience took place.

“It was a pleasant drive from Austin to Dracul this morning.” said Director Karl Frederick, who rode separately from citizen Mark Terrace. “With it being a Sunday morning there wasn’t much traffic.”

Upon their arrival, small tokens of appreciation were exchanged, such as President Luke receiving a Heimatian hand flag, with Frederick and Terrace receiving Dracul flags, stickers, and lapel pins.

According to citizen Mark Terrace, Dracul was a wonderful place of nature, which was accompanied by a cool, breezy, blue sky morning. Both Frederick and Terrace expect to return for the May 9th Victory Day parade this year to get the full Draculian experience.

The visit ended around noon, with the three parties parting on good terms, looking forward to meeting up again at the next Dracul event.

Microwiki users report Discord not responding among unbanned user disagreement

MICROWIKI – Several Discord users reported being ‘randomly’ kicked from the MicroWiki server, while others cited invite/connection issues, from late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. After several hours went by, it was discovered that these actions were intentional by a former Discord staff member, who still had access to a back door vulnerability. According to sources, the actions were due to an ongoing disagreement between a large forming group of the Micronational community and MicroWiki staff.

According to witnesses on the MicroWiki Discord, a petition against the unbanning of a micronationalist by the name of Zarel Smith had been circulating throughout the channels on the Discord, bringing great attention to it, while requesting signatures for support. The petition has already gained over 50 signatures from other micronationalists, from well-known members to smaller ones, wanting their voices and stance to be heard.

KBRN obtained a copy of the petition, which states that Zarel Smith had taken “strange and harmful actions, which have materially endangered several people”. According to MicroWiki staff, the individual no longer needed to be banned and had served out their sentencing.

“User has served his time. Absolutely do not harass this user upon their return to the wiki. Doing so will lead to an immediate ban on the wiki and Discord server.”

The petition further mentioned other former members of the community, such as Daniel Morris, Violette “Suzuki” Clingersmith, and Daniel Maloney, as previous examples of conflict within the community. The petition claimed it had no ill intention against Smith, as it was mentioned that his mental illness had been the largest concern of many within the community.

We harbor no personal ill will towards Zarel, as he is a child, but we do insist that there is no reason to enable his mental illness’s progress towards self destruction and the destruction of others.

As of Sunday morning, several sections of the MicroWiki website, including the top headlines and more news sections have been admin locked, preventing any new posts from being made. KBRN reached out to Jonathan Austen, site owner, to inquire about a time for those restrictions being lifted. We were advised, “Before long, I hope. Things should die down soon”.

Developing story. This article had corrections made on 1 February 2022 and may continue to revise.

Final attempt being made at a Dracul online radio station

BRAN DISTRICT – A final attempt at a Draculian radio station is being made, after two previous attempts ended in failure due to poor viewers and constant technical issues.

Dracul Regional Broadcast, the parent company of KBRN news, made the decision early Friday morning after viewing their news publications and TV episodes as a true success. DRB said it was time for new additions to Dracul and that their technology should now extend to radio.

“Our ratings are up, along with our views and our technology is changing for the better.” said the DRB chair and spokesperson. “We analyzed what went wrong the last two attempts and we’ve got what they missed.”

The last two attempts took place in 2018 and 2019, both being online radio stations which operated off home computers. DRB will be launching a 24-hour server with auto DJ as a feature, meaning the station could literally run forever, requiring minimal management.

Several employees of DRB said little changes, such as new song uploads and advertisements will be needed, however the radio station will practically run itself once off the ground. The station is expected to be hosted on an app which can be downloaded on android and iPhone, but has not yet been announced. Testing trials are currently underway.

February 7th is the target day for the grand launching of the new station. A link is expected to be added to once it’s ready for viewers. At this time it’s unsure if there will be a request line or any talk shows as a part of it.

Parliament to debate legality of bill prohibiting uncertified church leaders

BRAN DISTRICT – A controversial bill is expected to be brought forth to the National Parliament on Monday, by Member of Parliament Scott Jeanes of Breco Territory. The bill moves to prohibit the start of new religious organizations without certificates or degrees of ordination.

At least two Members of Parliament have called the bill “ridiculous” and “outlandish”, viewing the proposed bill as a violation of the first amendment. Individuals like MP Jeanes take the stance that the bill doesn’t prohibit practicing religion, but the running of a church business itself. The first amendment does not specifically mention businesses, but others view religious businesses as “practicing religion”.

“I simply think that this bill, although I do agree religious institutions should have proper credentials, is simply to extreme because it gives the government the ability to shut them down.” said Karl Frederick, MP. “Also, this bill violates the 1st amendment of Dracul which is, Parliament shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof“.

Bruce Cooper, a South Dracul Senator had another view on the bill. “This bill is not prohibiting religious practice, its stopping people from teaching false teachings.” he said. “Anyone can say their a minister of whatever religion, but it is another thing when you have credentials saying that you know what your talking about.”

Dracul in recent weeks has seen an increase in the creation of religious organizations. Christian, Catholic, and Norse Paganism are just to name a few. This increase came months after a post for additional religious leaders were requested within the Commonwealth.

Monday’s Parliament session had a vote of 1-3 with the nays having it, stopping the bill from being passed. There were many minutes of debate held, with President Luke being called upon to vote his view. President Luke said, “If 20 people want to create a religion, stating unicorns are the God of the universe, we are in no position to stop them from believing or creating such religion. If a religion commits acts of violence or threats towards another, then it can be considered a terrorist organization.”

Dracul launches memorial page for passed away Draculians

The Draculian Government made the decision to launch “Draculians in Memory” on Friday night, to pay respects and memorialize Draculians who’ve been lost since their time in the community.

Memorializing our loved ones is not only a difficult concept to accept, but necessary to keep their legacies alive. Since 2018, Dracul has lost four citizens for various reasons, ranging from gun violence to Alzheimer’s, heart issues, and drug use.

The page also includes “Honorary Citizens”, which are individuals who were in the midst of becoming a citizen and those who inquired about citizenship, but passed before their approval. In addition, it also includes those who were married to Draculians. Federal Naturalization Service reviews requests for honorary citizenship on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstance, and decides if the request will be approved.

Individuals like Aaron Hood, late husband to Founding Mother Kassie Bushong-Hood, who has not had a request made for honorary citizenship are still memorialized on the page, out of respect to their situation.

For those interested in memorializing a fallen Draculian, citizen services can be contacted to make such a request, who will then pass it along to the Federal Naturalization Service.

Bran District Citizens required to select new region before March 2022

BRAN DISTRICT – Due to a recent decision made by the Dracul Parliament, those who currently reside within Bran District will be required to relocate to another region of Dracul before the end of March 2022. The decision was a result of past leadership issues, poor citizen participation, and the initial plan of Bran District being a center for government activities only.

When Bran District was first formed, the plan was for the capital of Dracul to be placed within it, to prevent either North or South Dracul from having advantage over the other. Once the plan was executed and the capital was relocated from North Dracul to Bran District, there were several within the Draculian Government who announced their views that anyone should be able to reside within it. Opposition challenged this view at first, which viewed it as unnecessary to open another region to residents, especially since North and South Dracul were already struggling with gaining new citizens and keeping activity constant. Regardless of the opposition, the decision was made to allow Draculians to claim residency within Bran District.

Shortly after Bran District received its new citizens, controversy ensued, as Mayors found themselves in hot water over various issues, ranging from stolen valor to poor management. The city ultimately made the decision to dissolve the Mayor position, leaving the City Council in charge of operating the district. After the Bran Conflict of 2021 erupted and martial law was enacted by President Howie, the military installed a Military Governor to ensure proper restructuring of the city. This restructuring was short lived, as Bran District once again fell into inactivity and a lack of leaders.

Bran District is now a government only region, meaning only government business is conducted within it. Citizens are still welcomed to visit, but are not able to claim residency to it. With this new decision being passed, emails will start going out current Bran District citizens who’ve not yet relocated, giving them the option of the new region of their choosing. Those who do not respond by March 2022 will be moved to another region at random.

Opinion: Ukraine conflict and how it could affect nearby micronations

Many are aware of the ongoing tensions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine Republic. Unfortunately, the situation has been further escalated over the past week, with nations such as the United States and United Kingdom, rallying preparedness for their possible deployment.

There are several micronations within the vicinity of the Ukrainian-Russian border, which raises the question, “How could this affect micronations?” After further research, we comprised the following possibilities based on the current and possible situation:


When it comes to macronational countries and militaries, everyone knows they will “steamroll” over micronations, including their militaries and borders. The effects of war, such as the violence, destruction from weapons, and mandatory evacuations are enough to disrupt nearby micronations alone. Those within the region should prepare themselves for relocation, especially for government officials, so operations can continue.

“Don’t take this lightly.” said Dracul President Stephen Luke. “The Russian Army and opposing forces will not hesitate if you’re standing in their way. Devising a plan for evacuation or to shelter in place is your best course of action as of now.”

Lack of utilities and supplies

Even for micronations that aren’t directly in the way of a war, most are aware of the ongoing European energy crisis, which receives most of its supply from Russia itself. In the event of war, Russia could utilize their ability to “shut off the gas”, in an effort to weaken their opponent. If you’re within the European continent, it’s best to prepare for the loss of power, petrol, and possibly food, since companies without power won’t be able to supply local stores.

Communications is another larger issue, as affected micronations may not be able to communicate with the rest of the community. Once cell towers are intercepted or destroyed, communications could take months to finally restore.

Loss of borders and sovereignty

One of the worst events that could unfold is Russia taking over land claims and enforcing Russian law, especially if they are victorious or currently hold the high ground within your area. Micronations in the region should also prepare themselves for those changes that could affect them directly. Armies have been known to push further into continents, away from the original location, so being away from the initial action isn’t always a saving grace.

A Russian military force seeing an unidentified flag flying above a residence could become a potential target for harassment and investigation. Micronational militaries cannot hold off from an attack for long, from a Russian army for instance. If you’re flying a micronational flag, it’s probably best to remove it in the event of war encroaching on your doorstep.


Being prepared for an incident to take place, which ultimately never arrives is better than being unprepared, as anyone would agree to. Negotiations continue in an effort to avoid any conflict. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time conflict as unfolded in Europe, so the stakes are high as of now.

Could rising crime start affecting local Houston micronations?

HOUSTON – Many major cities in America are facing high crime rates, especially when it comes to murder. The homicide rate in Houston for 2022 is already off to a bad start, with already 29 victims. Over the past three years, murders have soared from 405 to 908. 2020 claimed 405 and 2021 took 474 lives.

Many in Houston are used to the bail system broken, with hardened criminals receiving low bonds, even at times free bail. This has dropped confidence in the Harris County District Attorney’s office and local judges. Houston Police is dealing with a crisis of their own with staffing issues.

“People are fed up and tired in this city of being shot and losing loved ones.” said President Stephen Luke, who works as a security officer for a Houston shopping mall. “I’ve literally been held at gunpoint when asking for stolen merchandise back. The DA told me it could take up to a year for a court date to be set for my offender alone.” he ended.

In addition to the rising crime rate comes the issue of crime spreading, into what were once respectable neighborhoods. Dracul has been tracking crime rates for the past three years and has noticed many car burglaries just across the street from the community.

“I don’t wish to be around here once the murders start seeping onto my street.” said Kevin Saldwin, a local Draculian. “We’ve never had murders in my area of Houston, but every year it seems to be getting closer.” he ended.

While there isn’t much that Dracul can do itself to stop crime, there are preventative safety measures that can be taken to limit the chances of crime. Most importantly, this is why Dracul events are typically held during the day and not at night.

  • Walk to your car with self defense or a friend when leaving Dracul.
  • Do not venture out into Houston alone during the early morning hours.
  • Avoid high crime neighborhoods, such as Sunnyside whenever possible.

Many feel this issue won’t stop until the bail system is finally corrected. Houston Police dispatch can be contacted at (713) 884-3131 to report crime. Micronations who begin suffering from this issue should stick together and continue informing each other of any crime experienced.

Government to open new job positions before February

Draculian job growth was at its bare minimum in 2021, with only two new jobs filled. With a previous inactive Presidency, one might ask “why should we work when our leader doesn’t either?”, which is exactly how many saw it.

With a new active administration, things are starting to go uphill for the nation, especially along the lines of activity. The Bran House announced three new positions, which they’d like to see filled before March 2022. Jobs will include both government and civilian jobs.

We’ve compiled a list of jobs that are expected to be selected as open for applicants:


  • Presidential Press Secretary

This position will ensure constant communication between the Government of Dracul, its citizens, and most importantly the micronational community. Many have seen Dracul as secluded from the rest of the community and have asked for more, in order to find out what the nation’s all about. The Presidential Press Secretary will ensure video communications are related to all, pertaining to the Administration’s actions.

  • State Ambassador

Maintaining constant communication with other micronations is a fundamental goal for any successful nation. Since Dracul only recognizes micronations it keeps in contact with, this is a position that can help lessen the work for the State Secretary and ensure success for the Ambassador. Since January 1st, Dracul has established two new treaties of mutual recognition with others.

  • Military Recruit

Ensuring not only Dracul’s protection, but representing the nation in a formal military manner is what helped larger nations recognize Dracul in the first place. Enlisted positions are needed more than ever, and anyone around the world can enlist in the military. Luckily for those who aren’t citizens, this position can still be acquired.


  • Director of Vlad Historical Society

Growing and maintaining the history of Vlad Tepes and his legacy are important steps in preserving a history that is already difficult to discover. The historical society aims to provide not only knowledge already known, but details that are newly discovered and difficult to find.

  • Small Business Owner

Small business is what helps Dracul help others. The Small Business Administration advertises for businesses, ensures the proper licensing, and assists with locating merchandise suppliers for said businesses. If you’ve ever wanted to own a business, this is the way to go.

These positions filled will ensure proper operation of the nation, and especially the success of small business. Listings are expected to be updated before the beginning of February, located on the open positions page of Dracul’s main website.

President Luke starts work on homelessness problem; welcomes others to help

At almost every intersection in Houston, you’ll find at least one homeless person asking for money, food, or a job. The sight is unfortunately not a surprise in many other large American cities either. Many blame the American Government, while others blame drug habits. Whatever the reason may be, many will agree that it’s an issue that needs serious addressing.

President Luke announced Wednesday morning of his plans to start working on his National Homelessness Campaign, specifically aimed at the Metro Houston area. According to statistics, the number of homeless in Houston has grown significantly, especially over the past four years. President Luke intends to accomplish this campaign with the help of other Draculians and micronationalists.

“There is a lot of drug use that causes homelessness, but that’s just a part of the reason.” said President Luke, when asked about his reasons for choosing this particular issue. “You also have many who have mental health issues and others who ran out of luck with their money.” he ended.

Bottled water, bags of chips, and coupons are just a few of the ideas that President Luke has in mind to pass out to those he sees in need on the streets. There are plans, if the campaign kicks off successfully, to begin collecting canned goods for the Houston Food Pantry.

President Luke said it’s a way for micronationalists to show the macronational community that we are not restricted to just the micronational community. Any micronationalist who’s interested in either assisting in Houston, or their closest macro-town can email him directly to get involved. A date for the campaign launch has not officially been announced.