Bran District Mall officially closes its doors

BRAN DISTRICT – It came as disappointing, but expected news that the first virtual mall of Dracul cancelled its contracts on December 1st, then shutting down the main website on January 1st.

Bran District Mall was a virtual idea of bringing micronational and macro world businesses together under one umbrella. The idea started by Stephen Luke in mid 2021 was supported by many, but unfortunately flopped completely by the first month of business. Mall management had struggled finding tenants to fill virtual spaces, holding just two stores at its peak.

“We thought this idea would bring people together and be unique.” said Stephen Luke, founder of the mall. “Uniqueness normally attracts and since most retail takes place online these days, we felt it would work.” he ended.

The mall consisted of Gift Palace, a small mom and pop shop based in Houston, which provided sports memorabilia and personal gifts, and Jenny’s Sutlery, a civil war era reproduction store. According to business records, Jenny’s Sutlery failed to pay rent each month, leaving the mall with a small revenue. According to that revenue, it was unsustainable for maintaining the website.

Those who supported the mall idea and it’s future were left in disappointment when they were informed by the management in mid November of 2021 that the mall could not sustain itself into the new year. Many hope something else can rise from the failure to replace what was once seen as a great idea.

As of today, the website is offline and email addresses have been cancelled. There is no word of a sale of the mall’s name or any assets.