Stephen Luke sworn in as 2nd President of Dracul

BRAN DISTRICT – Stephen Luke was sworn in as the second president of the Commonwealth of Dracul at 11:30am central time. According to sources Vice President Modena was unable to attend due to a work emergency; he is expected to be sworn in at a later date.

KBRN broadcasted the live event, with dignitaries from other nations in attendance, such as West Who, Stratton, and Vishwamitra. Apart from a few technical problems during the broadcast, the event went as planned and resulted in the signing of three executive orders by President Luke. Cabinet members are expected to be sworn in later this evening.

News anchor Bruce Cooper

President Luke gave a 15 minute Inauguration speech, discussing the changes he plans to bring, such as strengthening ties and communication with allies, improving on activity within Dracul, and being more open with the micronational community.

President Luke giving his inaugural speech

For those who missed the broadcast, a saved copy is on the Dracul YouTube channel.