Connor Modena sworn in as 2nd Vice President of Dracul

BRAN DISTRICT – Connor Modena was sworn in as 2nd Vice President of Dracul this evening at 6:30pm, by Federal Judge Whisper Williams. The event was witnessed by over 10 Draculians and one foreign dignitary.

Connor Modena came to Dracul over a year ago, as a new member of the micronational community. Modena brought experience from the United States Marine Corps. to the Draculian military, greatly improving its activity and knowledge, in conjunction with his associate Field Marshall Scott Jeanes.

Vice President Modena has served in various other positions such as senator, city council, and business owner. His dedication activity in Dracul has made many friendships and improved the image of many offices.

The Senate will be holding their next session with Modena as the new Senate President. A runoff election is expected to take place sometime this year for new senators.