Howie sworn in as Dracul’s first Surgeon General

BRAN DISTRICT – Former President and now Admiral Dmitri Howie was sworn in as the first Surgeon General of Dracul, early Sunday morning. According to the Bran House, Howie was chosen for the position due to his medical school experience, specifically as a pathologist. Howie was unable to complete his schooling due to sudden health issues which he still suffers from to this day.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, President Stephen Luke felt this position was necessary more than ever, since Dracul previously lacked medical knowledge and advice for dealing with the ongoing pandemic. Howie has supported vaccinations since the start of the pandemic and hopes to provide education to encourage everyone to practice good hygiene standards like hand washing and social distancing.

The position will allow Howie to focus on his health and full time job, since Surgeon General isn’t a position demanded as frequently as President. Howie said he will still provide any advice to President Luke in times of need.

Howie was made an honorary Admiral because of his position as Surgeon General. The position does not enlist him in the Draculian Navy, nor does it come with any authority or power over the Defense Department.