Reports circulate of DeWaCo Estates Chairman’s passing

Reports began to circulate on Tuesday evening around 9:30 PM central, on the passing of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates monarch, Chairman DeWayne Corbett. According to Corbett’s Facebook account, he had been battling several health issues, to the point of his doctors informing him of only months to live, back in May of 2021. According to His Majesty William I of DeHerrera, Corbett had been suffering from cancer, possibly due to exposure to Agent Orange from his time in service during the Vietnam War.

Chairman Corbett has been widely known in the micronational community since his launch of DeWaCo Estates, many times discussing world-wide political issues and promoting his local business.

We spoke with Stan Vaughn of Ourania on January 12th, since the two were close. Vaughn stated he reached out to Corbett’s wife for verification but has not heard back yet.

We have not confirmed the death of Chairman Corbett with any family members, however this article will be updated when more information is received and verified. Check back later for new reports.