An interview with President Luke, his success, goals, and issues faced.

KBRN was fortunate enough to have a sit down with newly elected President Stephen Luke, who was open about discussing the challenges, goals, and victories during this short amount of time in office so far.


Mr. President, I appreciate you taking the time to have this discussion of everything that’s occurred since your swearing in. How are things going so far?

Well Bruce, I’m quite pleased with the way things are going as of late. There have been a couple of bumps in the road, especially along the lines of diplomacy, but we’re staying dedicated towards progress for our community.

What’s been the most success you’ve seen since becoming President so far?

The amount of activity and involvement from other micronations. I feel that when people see an active leader, they’re more willing to participate with the community, because at the end of the day everyone wants to be led by someone who’s showing dedication themselves. I respected President Howie, but his personal and work life was too much for Dracul, which led to poor approval ratings and him not seeking re-election.

I’m sure it must be comforting to see the community reactivating, jobs being carried out, and others communicating on a daily basis now.

Yes it’s definitely something that has helped keep me on track, stay active myself, and make changes that will grow us even further.


I know you’ve signed three executive orders, which include declaring pedophiles as terrorists, the astronomy association, and a new labor holiday. Lots of people have asked specifically about the astronomy association. How exactly will that function and be open for business?

Well DARA, (Dracul Astronomy Research Association) is tasked with identifying stars and planets in space using telescopes, which will be used to increase the solar system education within the micronational community. When it will launch will be sometime in February and we’re welcoming all micronations to be a part of it.


I’m definitely interested in that myself and I surely look forward to hearing more about that. What is one of the largest goals of yours for your first term in office?

Citizenship growth, participation, and working more closely with our friends in the community. A large issue in micronationalism is that so many nations will sign treaties with others and then never speak to them again. Communication is key, and not only that, but goals need to be established for two nations to accomplish together. I look forward to establishing goals for our friends and us to work on together.


Now on a topic of most recent concern, a lot of people are asking what is going on with Cycoldia and Dracul?

This is a pretty twisted situation we’ve found ourselves in. Cycoldia was always a friend to Dracul and we got along quite well during our mutual recognition. There was a debate over social issues between their monarch and three Draculians, which was mostly respectful to one another, but there came a point where Her Majesty took things too far and started demanding their acceptance of her views, even to the point of demanding their termination from office. I explained to her that there’s going to be a difference in views during a debate, but she was not satisfied with that.

Do you believe there will be a chance at Dracul and Cycoldia reestablishing relations in the future?

At this point… probably not. I don’t think she ever truly cared about Dracul, since she rarely ever asked about us and only talked about herself when speaking to us. I for one was not amused when called a ‘silent endorser’ of other peoples views, just because of my refusal to debate them or silence other’s views. The fact that she wrote statements for all of Cycoldia and her allies to read, goes to show that her intentions were to publicly shame their names and scare them out of office. An ally trying to intimidate my staff is not going to be tolerated and is very risky to state relations. It was at that point that we terminated relations with them, especially since it was not the first time she took such actions. The most she has against us is a treaty violation, which one should ask themselves, “why would Dracul keep a treaty with someone who insults their government?”.

How has the micronational community reacted to this ongoing issue, and has anyone reached out to you personally about it?

We’ve received a lot of support from the community on our decision to terminate relations. I’ve also had a lot of people bad mouth Her Majesty to me, due to I suppose past issues they must of had with her, but I’ve kept it professional and disregarded those attacks on her. We’ve never had any intentions of making Cycoldia look bad, as any negative views they receive are based on their actions. Her Majesty was the first one to speak publicly about our staff and the break up, so it’s only fitting that we give our side of the account. I told her that it wasn’t a good idea and that nobody else would care about our decisions on our own relations. My advice was ignored and now we’re here.

I’m sure most people at this point just want you two both to part ways in a neutral manner and leave the issue in the past.

That’s what we wanted from the start, but it’s hard to do that when someone won’t stop releasing statements about others refusing to conform to their beliefs, or even going to the extent of demanding their termination. Lessons will be learned from this, on both sides of the spectrum. Another matter of concern is how their Prime Minister or General Assembly has not put their monarch in check for making statements which destroyed relations with an ally. She holds limited power, so they would have the right and duty to do such things, for the sake of state relations.

I’m sure I speak for many when I say I hope that matter can end soon on a positive or neutral note. I appreciate your time with us today and wish you well in your presidency.

Thank you!