President Luke signs Executive Order banning character assassination

BRAN DISTRICT – President Stephen Luke signed Executive Order 0005 into law on Tuesday evening, as an additional one to his already existing three, which he signed on January 8th. The other executive orders included the creation of the Dracul Astronomy Research Organization, one to declare pedophilia as terrorism, and creating Workers’ Day as a new national holiday.

Executive Order 0005 focuses on the subject of personal disagreement, specifically when individuals cannot find a compromise in the middle of a heated disagreement and attacking one’s character comes into play. There have been previous incidents in Dracul where individuals have gone out of their way to destroy the reputation of others, simply because they did not agree or conform to other views. The government finally had enough of it and took action as they saw fit.

“There will always be moments when two or more will not agree on the same thing.” said President Luke after signing the bill into law. “Disagreement is part of debate and will always occur. What we are signing into law is the prohibition of destroying someone’s reputation based on lies, because they won’t agree with you or because you say something they don’t like.” he added. Several Draculians have seen this executive order as a way to combat or prevent radical views and actions on others.

The executive order makes a few examples of character assassination, however does not go into full detail, as it will leave that up to courts to determine when handling cases of related incidents. The law comes a week after the incident with former ally, Cycoldia and their monarch’s actions, however the incident was not mentioned as a reason for creating the new law, as the E.O. mentioned incidents in the past.

HIM Christina I of Cycoldia soon after the initial publication of our article, condemned the Executive Order, accusing it of “effectively banning free speech”, even though the Executive Order specifically states that “free speech will not be infringed upon”, and that “ruining the reputation of another person, when their statements contain misinformation and blur the line on said disagreement”, is the part that is illegal.

“It’s awfully strange, because Her Majesty has always said that her intentions were never to bash my staff, even though it’s pretty clear by her statements in public that it was the intended goal.” said President Luke. “If she never bashed anyone, why does my executive order bother her so much? It has nothing to do with her or Cycoldia. Her release of statements is doing nothing for Cycoldia except making their once somewhat respected nation look like drama. It’s time they focus on Cycoldia. We’ve moved on past the incident and it’s time their monarch think maturely and do the same.”