President Luke starts work on homelessness problem; welcomes others to help

At almost every intersection in Houston, you’ll find at least one homeless person asking for money, food, or a job. The sight is unfortunately not a surprise in many other large American cities either. Many blame the American Government, while others blame drug habits. Whatever the reason may be, many will agree that it’s an issue that needs serious addressing.

President Luke announced Wednesday morning of his plans to start working on his National Homelessness Campaign, specifically aimed at the Metro Houston area. According to statistics, the number of homeless in Houston has grown significantly, especially over the past four years. President Luke intends to accomplish this campaign with the help of other Draculians and micronationalists.

“There is a lot of drug use that causes homelessness, but that’s just a part of the reason.” said President Luke, when asked about his reasons for choosing this particular issue. “You also have many who have mental health issues and others who ran out of luck with their money.” he ended.

Bottled water, bags of chips, and coupons are just a few of the ideas that President Luke has in mind to pass out to those he sees in need on the streets. There are plans, if the campaign kicks off successfully, to begin collecting canned goods for the Houston Food Pantry.

President Luke said it’s a way for micronationalists to show the macronational community that we are not restricted to just the micronational community. Any micronationalist who’s interested in either assisting in Houston, or their closest macro-town can email him directly to get involved. A date for the campaign launch has not officially been announced.