Government to open new job positions before February

Draculian job growth was at its bare minimum in 2021, with only two new jobs filled. With a previous inactive Presidency, one might ask “why should we work when our leader doesn’t either?”, which is exactly how many saw it.

With a new active administration, things are starting to go uphill for the nation, especially along the lines of activity. The Bran House announced three new positions, which they’d like to see filled before March 2022. Jobs will include both government and civilian jobs.

We’ve compiled a list of jobs that are expected to be selected as open for applicants:


  • Presidential Press Secretary

This position will ensure constant communication between the Government of Dracul, its citizens, and most importantly the micronational community. Many have seen Dracul as secluded from the rest of the community and have asked for more, in order to find out what the nation’s all about. The Presidential Press Secretary will ensure video communications are related to all, pertaining to the Administration’s actions.

  • State Ambassador

Maintaining constant communication with other micronations is a fundamental goal for any successful nation. Since Dracul only recognizes micronations it keeps in contact with, this is a position that can help lessen the work for the State Secretary and ensure success for the Ambassador. Since January 1st, Dracul has established two new treaties of mutual recognition with others.

  • Military Recruit

Ensuring not only Dracul’s protection, but representing the nation in a formal military manner is what helped larger nations recognize Dracul in the first place. Enlisted positions are needed more than ever, and anyone around the world can enlist in the military. Luckily for those who aren’t citizens, this position can still be acquired.


  • Director of Vlad Historical Society

Growing and maintaining the history of Vlad Tepes and his legacy are important steps in preserving a history that is already difficult to discover. The historical society aims to provide not only knowledge already known, but details that are newly discovered and difficult to find.

  • Small Business Owner

Small business is what helps Dracul help others. The Small Business Administration advertises for businesses, ensures the proper licensing, and assists with locating merchandise suppliers for said businesses. If you’ve ever wanted to own a business, this is the way to go.

These positions filled will ensure proper operation of the nation, and especially the success of small business. Listings are expected to be updated before the beginning of February, located on the open positions page of Dracul’s main website.