Opinion: Ukraine conflict and how it could affect nearby micronations

Many are aware of the ongoing tensions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine Republic. Unfortunately, the situation has been further escalated over the past week, with nations such as the United States and United Kingdom, rallying preparedness for their possible deployment.

There are several micronations within the vicinity of the Ukrainian-Russian border, which raises the question, “How could this affect micronations?” After further research, we comprised the following possibilities based on the current and possible situation:


When it comes to macronational countries and militaries, everyone knows they will “steamroll” over micronations, including their militaries and borders. The effects of war, such as the violence, destruction from weapons, and mandatory evacuations are enough to disrupt nearby micronations alone. Those within the region should prepare themselves for relocation, especially for government officials, so operations can continue.

“Don’t take this lightly.” said Dracul President Stephen Luke. “The Russian Army and opposing forces will not hesitate if you’re standing in their way. Devising a plan for evacuation or to shelter in place is your best course of action as of now.”

Lack of utilities and supplies

Even for micronations that aren’t directly in the way of a war, most are aware of the ongoing European energy crisis, which receives most of its supply from Russia itself. In the event of war, Russia could utilize their ability to “shut off the gas”, in an effort to weaken their opponent. If you’re within the European continent, it’s best to prepare for the loss of power, petrol, and possibly food, since companies without power won’t be able to supply local stores.

Communications is another larger issue, as affected micronations may not be able to communicate with the rest of the community. Once cell towers are intercepted or destroyed, communications could take months to finally restore.

Loss of borders and sovereignty

One of the worst events that could unfold is Russia taking over land claims and enforcing Russian law, especially if they are victorious or currently hold the high ground within your area. Micronations in the region should also prepare themselves for those changes that could affect them directly. Armies have been known to push further into continents, away from the original location, so being away from the initial action isn’t always a saving grace.

A Russian military force seeing an unidentified flag flying above a residence could become a potential target for harassment and investigation. Micronational militaries cannot hold off from an attack for long, from a Russian army for instance. If you’re flying a micronational flag, it’s probably best to remove it in the event of war encroaching on your doorstep.


Being prepared for an incident to take place, which ultimately never arrives is better than being unprepared, as anyone would agree to. Negotiations continue in an effort to avoid any conflict. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time conflict as unfolded in Europe, so the stakes are high as of now.