Final attempt being made at a Dracul online radio station

BRAN DISTRICT – A final attempt at a Draculian radio station is being made, after two previous attempts ended in failure due to poor viewers and constant technical issues.

Dracul Regional Broadcast, the parent company of KBRN news, made the decision early Friday morning after viewing their news publications and TV episodes as a true success. DRB said it was time for new additions to Dracul and that their technology should now extend to radio.

“Our ratings are up, along with our views and our technology is changing for the better.” said the DRB chair and spokesperson. “We analyzed what went wrong the last two attempts and we’ve got what they missed.”

The last two attempts took place in 2018 and 2019, both being online radio stations which operated off home computers. DRB will be launching a 24-hour server with auto DJ as a feature, meaning the station could literally run forever, requiring minimal management.

Several employees of DRB said little changes, such as new song uploads and advertisements will be needed, however the radio station will practically run itself once off the ground. The station is expected to be hosted on an app which can be downloaded on android and iPhone, but has not yet been announced. Testing trials are currently underway.

February 7th is the target day for the grand launching of the new station. A link is expected to be added to once it’s ready for viewers. At this time it’s unsure if there will be a request line or any talk shows as a part of it.