Microwiki users report Discord not responding among unbanned user disagreement

MICROWIKI – Several Discord users reported being ‘randomly’ kicked from the MicroWiki server, while others cited invite/connection issues, from late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. After several hours went by, it was discovered that these actions were intentional by a former Discord staff member, who still had access to a back door vulnerability. According to sources, the actions were due to an ongoing disagreement between a large forming group of the Micronational community and MicroWiki staff.

According to witnesses on the MicroWiki Discord, a petition against the unbanning of a micronationalist by the name of Zarel Smith had been circulating throughout the channels on the Discord, bringing great attention to it, while requesting signatures for support. The petition has already gained over 50 signatures from other micronationalists, from well-known members to smaller ones, wanting their voices and stance to be heard.

KBRN obtained a copy of the petition, which states that Zarel Smith had taken “strange and harmful actions, which have materially endangered several people”. According to MicroWiki staff, the individual no longer needed to be banned and had served out their sentencing.

“User has served his time. Absolutely do not harass this user upon their return to the wiki. Doing so will lead to an immediate ban on the wiki and Discord server.”

The petition further mentioned other former members of the community, such as Daniel Morris, Violette “Suzuki” Clingersmith, and Daniel Maloney, as previous examples of conflict within the community. The petition claimed it had no ill intention against Smith, as it was mentioned that his mental illness had been the largest concern of many within the community.

We harbor no personal ill will towards Zarel, as he is a child, but we do insist that there is no reason to enable his mental illness’s progress towards self destruction and the destruction of others.

As of Sunday morning, several sections of the MicroWiki website, including the top headlines and more news sections have been admin locked, preventing any new posts from being made. KBRN reached out to Jonathan Austen, site owner, to inquire about a time for those restrictions being lifted. We were advised, “Before long, I hope. Things should die down soon”.

Developing story. This article had corrections made on 1 February 2022 and may continue to revise.