Bran District Mall officially closes its doors

BRAN DISTRICT – It came as disappointing, but expected news that the first virtual mall of Dracul cancelled its contracts on December 1st, then shutting down the main website on January 1st.

Bran District Mall was a virtual idea of bringing micronational and macro world businesses together under one umbrella. The idea started by Stephen Luke in mid 2021 was supported by many, but unfortunately flopped completely by the first month of business. Mall management had struggled finding tenants to fill virtual spaces, holding just two stores at its peak.

“We thought this idea would bring people together and be unique.” said Stephen Luke, founder of the mall. “Uniqueness normally attracts and since most retail takes place online these days, we felt it would work.” he ended.

The mall consisted of Gift Palace, a small mom and pop shop based in Houston, which provided sports memorabilia and personal gifts, and Jenny’s Sutlery, a civil war era reproduction store. According to business records, Jenny’s Sutlery failed to pay rent each month, leaving the mall with a small revenue. According to that revenue, it was unsustainable for maintaining the website.

Those who supported the mall idea and it’s future were left in disappointment when they were informed by the management in mid November of 2021 that the mall could not sustain itself into the new year. Many hope something else can rise from the failure to replace what was once seen as a great idea.

As of today, the website is offline and email addresses have been cancelled. There is no word of a sale of the mall’s name or any assets.

What to expect from a Luke-Modena Administration

The Luke-Modena Administration has announced their plans of many changes since the beginning of the 2021 presidential election. According to Luke and Modena, this administration will be a lot more firm and active within the community, as it’s been stated by several sources.

Foreign Relations & Policy

When it comes to the topic of foreign policy and relations with others, Stephen Luke has made it abundantly clear that several relationships will be ended with current recognized nations, as several of them have lacked contact with Dracul over the past months to years. Luke stated that it makes no sense to maintain recognition or alliances with others when they bring nothing to the table, including communication.

Military Activities

Sources indicate that Stephen Luke was not pleased with the Dracul-Graustark conflict that took place in late 2021, as it served no actual purpose and ultimately ended with many confused as to what was actually happening. Luke stated to members of his staff that declaration of war was to be the last resort and would be more of an exposure to information.

In addition, Luke stated that the military has started the creation of a military code of Justice, along with policy and procedures. Luke feels this makes Dracul one of the most professional militaries in the micronational community, since most micronations do not have military codes and policies made from scratch.

Foreign Influence

It’s been an issue from time to time where foreign government leaders have either made attempts or done so, in the influencing of decisions or actions taken by the previous administration. Luke stated in a past press conference that he will not be allowing outside influences to change the decisions taken by his administration. Furthermore, Parliament passed a law in 2021, prohibiting government officials from being influenced by outside parties.

A new policy was enacted on November 1, 2021, stating that the administration will not accept unsolicited contact from other micronations. This means that anyone from outside of Dracul, who wishes to contact the President or Vice President must schedule a meeting with the President’s secretary or cabinet.

Activity within Dracul

It was unfortunate that President Howie’s administration quickly became inactive, only showing up when requested for serious issues by his cabinet and staff. This caused several issues according to many, including influencing others to become inactive as well over time. Luke made it clear that as President he will stay in the light with his Vice President and cabinet.

Luke-Modena are set to be sworn in on January 8th, starting at 11am central. Broadcast will take place on Dracul’s YouTube channel.

Schedule of Luke-Modena Inauguration Day: Timeline of events and how to watch

Stephen Luke will be sworn in as the 2nd President of Dracul on Saturday the 8th, in a ceremony unlike any before. Safety precautions have been implemented due to the ongoing coronavirus, restricting crowd sizes and offering a recommended video stream. The largely virtual affair, however will still feature several ceremonial events and be capped off by a star studded televised celebration.

Timeline of Events

11 a.m. – President Howie will arrive at the event virtually and announce his abdication of the office at that time. Afterwards he will watch the inauguration of his successor.

11:30 a.m. – President-Elect Luke and Modena will arrive at the event virtually, talking with President Howie about the event until others begin to arrive. Cabinet members are expected to be in attendance.

11:45 a.m. – The inauguration will begin with an invocation from Father Tyler Hibler. The national anthem will then be performed.

11:55 a.m. – Modena is sworn in as the 2nd Vice President of Dracul by Chief Justice Dennis Garza.

Noon – Luke is sworn in as the 2nd President of Dracul by Federal Judge Whisper Williams. Howie’s term officially ends. The new president will deliver his inauguration speech. The inauguration will conclude with a benediction from Pastor Williams.

1:00 p.m. – Luke will enter into the President’s suite, where he will begin to sign a list of executive orders, which will set a new tone for his administration.

1:30 p.m. – Luke will swear in Presidential appointees in a virtual ceremony.

2:00 p.m. – Event of Inauguration Day.

The event will be broadcasted on the Dracul YouTube channel. Special guests will be invited to the Zoom conference call.

President-Elect Luke tests positive for COVID-19; mild symptoms reported

BRAN DISTRICT – President Elect Stephen Luke reported having COVID-19 symptoms approximately four days ago, which included a fever, cough, headache, and body aches.

Today, Luke went to receive his fourth COVID test, which resulted in a positive result. Luckily, due to his symptoms being mild, his fever breaking and his self quarantine, recovery appears to be making an upward trajectory.

According to Luke, a family member at the Christmas party he attended tested positive the day after the party, prompting him to take action in getting tested. Since symptoms began four days ago, Luke has six days left in quarantine before he is considered not contagious.

Medical staff have stated that while the new variant Omicron is more contagious, it is less severe regarding symptoms. Those who are vaccinated have a smaller chance at being hospitalized, according to world statistics.

The inauguration of Luke-Modena is still expected to take place on Jan 6, via video call for all participating. Broadcast will take place at noon on the Dracul KBRN YouTube channel.