Dracul-Aeternian Interview scheduled for Saturday

A YouTube interview is scheduled for Saturday, February 5th at 9:30pm central, with Emperor AP of Aeternia hosting President Stephen Luke on the topics of Dracul history and recent events.

The interview was offered to President Luke about a week ago, after the Dracul-Cycoldia disagreement took place three weeks ago. Emperor AP had provided an interview to Christina I on her side of the conflict, however many neutral and negative comments were left on that interview, asking for both sides of the incident.

“I respect that AP made the decision to provide a platform to both sides of the conflict.” said President Luke. “The advertising of Christina’s interview was very biased, which the Aeternian Instagram admitted in comments to others, however the live streamed interview was neutral in some aspects.”

President Luke said he feels very confident about the interview, as he plans to not only provide left out details from the previous interview, and several bombshells to back his statements, but Draculian education and history as well.

Emperor AP currently hosts a weekly broadcast, covering the topics of Aeternia, their developments, plans, and successes. At times the Emperor also interviews other micronationalists to learn more about them.