Dracul to kick off February with Founders’ Day holiday

Contributing to a micronation isn’t the easiest when it gets down to the details which make one successful. Most founders of other nations will know that from personal experience.

Founders’ Day is a new Draculian holiday, created by executive order, which is making its debut tomorrow, February 5th. The purpose of the holiday is to unite the community together to honor our founders and get to know them better on a personal level.

If anything, socializing with those within a community is one of the key components of making activity remain solid.

Current Founding Persons are Stephen Luke, Dmitri Howie, Mark Millner, Kassie Bushong, Whisper Williams, Connor Modena, and Scott Jeanes. While Luke and Howie are the two primary founders, the others were added due to their contributions and physical activity within the community.

While there aren’t any physical events planned for this year at least, that may change as citizenship and activity begin growing once more in the Houston area.

Citizens and foreign diplomats are encouraged to stop by the Dracul discord, where many of the founders can be found to say hello and socialize.