Aeternia interview with Luke solves confusion on recent conflict

YOUTUBE – Emperor AP of the Empire of Aeternia held an interview with President Luke late Saturday evening, inquiring about and providing a platform for Dracul’s side of the most recent disagreement with Cycoldia.

The interview was fair and impartial, at least in the eyes of President Luke and several Draculians in attendance. Questions about the foundation of Dracul’s government structure, the start of Dracul-Cycoldian relations, the successes from it, and the fallout were discussed.

124 viewers were in attendance, some learning about the conflict for the first time, while others took into account Dracul’s stance on the situation.

“In a situation like this, when one side yells out discrimination when no such action took place, it’s necessary to correct that misinformation for the truth to be known.” said President Luke. “I felt AP handled the interview well, appreciated the attendees, and was glad the situation is now closed.”

Emperor AP is expected to release his full interview with Christina I within the next few days, along with his view on the entire situation. As of late, tensions have been low between Dracul and Cycoldia, as it appears.

President Luke and AP discussed a future interview to discuss Dracul history, their successes, goals, and lessons learned in the past.