American radio personality receives increased attention within micronationalism

Conversation has grown larger over the past couple of weeks within micronationalism, as a San Diego radio personality steers his micronation clear ahead into the micronational community.

Slowjamastan is an 11-acre parcel of property that runs beside State Route 78 in the California Desert. Randy Williams, the new owner, declared it a sovereign nation on Dec. 1, 2021. According to property records, he paid $19,000 for the site in October. Slowjamastan has experienced an influx of new citizens, as well as the development of diplomatic license plates, flags, and other items to help them expand their micronation’s image.

New micronations are an everyday occurrence within micronationalism, with most not being surprised when another one emerges. Many within the community have expressed their support in the newly created nation, while others took a more jealous approach of the quick success.

“I said if we have our own country, we can make our own laws, our own rules, hold people accountable,” Williams told a macro news company by phone on Thursday, speaking in what he called the “Slowjamastan accent.”

“Technically we are a dictatorship, I like to throw the hat around — the suggestion box if you will,” Williams said. “If I agree with the votes, the votes will survive. If not, I will strike it down with a vengeance.”

According to Williams, the micronation currently has 99 “citizens,” ranging from Americans to English residents and even a young girl from Zimbabwe. Free online citizenship applications are accepted 95% of the time, however the status comes with some restrictions.

“For example, you cannot wear Crocs into our nation,” Williams said. “There is a very heavy punishment for people who wear Crocs.”

What exactly Slowjamastan’s purpose is, and even what it will ultimately be, is unclear — even to Williams. Whether Slowjamastan will attempt partaking within the rest of the Micronational community, or keep to themselves as many of the more famous micronations do is unknown at this time.

  • Revision notice: Feb 8 – Sultan Williams is currently employed as a radio host, broadcasting 5 nights a week “Sunday Night Slow Jams”


  1. Small correction: Sultan Williams is currently on the radio, 5 nights a week: His “Sunday Night Slow Jams” show airs on over 200 radio stations across America.

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