Opinion: The importance of maintaining micronationalism privacy

Privacy on the internet is an upward battle when it comes to maintaining private information, such as credit cards, banking info, addresses, and email addresses.

Unfortunately the battle has become more difficult with the growing number of hackers and data sellers throughout the world. Privacy in micronationalism is even more important, as documents and citizen information are the most maintained.

In this article we‘ll cover the top 3 areas of concern, along with ways to properly secure private information.

Citizenship Information

The protection of personal information of applicants and current citizens of micronations should be set as the highest priority within governments.

Full names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and other private information should be kept in secure locations, but most importantly on secure form databases.

Google forms, Zoho forms, and jotforms are 3 of the top secure online forms in my experience.

Micronations should never share a citizen or applicant’s personal information with other micronations, even for “intel” or “investigation” reasons. Doing so may put you at risk for a lawsuit and possible macro criminal charges. Ensure you ask the party first before sending their information to others.

Email Address Revealing

Emailing other micronations is certainly necessary when the need for contact arises. There have been several instances where I’ve witnessed over 300 emails in a mass email list, which included mine as well.

Senders should be mindful of who they’re showing other email addresses to. If you’re going to send a mass email, it’s best to BCC all emails, to hide them from others.

On the subject of emails, if you decide to include emails in a campaign list to mass email, ensure you ask first if they consent. Having a sign up form on your website helps a great deal.

Data Leak Notifications

In the unfortunate event of a data leak, it is your responsibility to inform those affected that they were involved in such leak.

If you intentionally fail to inform parties of their leaked data, you’re setting yourself up for a lawsuit. Many macronations have laws requiring you to inform parties anyway.

Ensure you keep track of not only your databases but the companies that maintain that information for you.


Running a micronation can be fun and rewarding, but it does have its responsibilities. Meeting these requirements will ensure a smooth operation, along the lines of liability and privacy protection.