DARA Space Program begins development in Dracul

The Dracul Astronomical Research Association (DARA) began development on Thursday evening, as Dracul makes its first attempt at developing a space database for micronations. DARA was created as executive order by President Luke in January, which was suggested by Vice President Modena. The Executive Office plans to welcome in all micronations with interests in space.

The objective of DARA is to take real life imagery of stars, planets, and meteors, using high tech cameras and telescopes, both owned by Dracul, as well as other micronations involved as a partner. The information collected would then be entered into a large database where micronations could go to grow their own knowledge, as well as their own databases.

“There’s a large group of people who’ve shown interest in the study of space in micronationalism.” said President Luke in an interview on Wednesday. “I think Vice President Modena had a good idea and that a large community database is exactly what this community needs.” he ended.

It’s not yet clear on how the database will be formed, nor who would be responsible for the maintenance and development of it, however we do know that micronations involved in the association will be able to add and pull from it.

“This isn’t about Dracul; this is about growing micronationalism’s databases and providing to the community as a whole.” said Vice President Modena. “We want those interested in space to have a location other than macro space programs to pull from. We may not be as advanced as NASA, but the association will provide successful results.”

Micronations interested in the development or involvement with DARA can contact Dracul via their contact page. DARA plans to officially launch by the Summer of 2022.