How air travel could look between micronations

According to a Friday morning Twitter poll, more than 50% who participated either acknowledged their frequent, or on occasion involvement in flight simulation.

President Luke of Dracul announced his thoughts Saturday morning, on the idea of developing a small organization, for the development of statistics and simulation, to show the community what air travel would look like between other micronations.

“What I think it comes down to is the curiosity of such an occurrence.” said President Luke. “Micronations don’t have the funding or the landmass for airplanes, airlines, or pilots. Macro nations use simulations all the time to give them in-depth research on what something could turn out becoming.”

Parody ad for the air travel research group

When asked about what this project could further offer the community, President Luke mentioned novelty items that micronations already engage in the selling of, such as passports, banknotes, flags, and apparel.

“If people are willing to spend money to establish a connection with a micronation, for the purchase of souvenirs, why not add something else in like a novelty boarding pass to the micronation?“ said President Luke. “Not only would something like this be fun, but would help many take a break from the constant drama that ensues this community.”

When asked how this project would be executed, the President gave the idea of a live map that would track aircraft on flight simulators heading into and out of micronations.

Flight simmers in micronations would captain live time those simulation aircraft, which would not only bring entertainment to them, but involve them in the research for their respected nation.

“Nobody knows what it would look like for an aircraft to take off from Austenasia and land in Molossia.” said President Luke. “This project of course wouldn’t actually put people in Molossia, but would certainly provide education and awareness on what tourism could look like as well.”

The President said those interested in simulation research such as this can contact him via email ( to show their interest and provide input.


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