Dracul reveals four new awards for exceptional service

BRAN DISTRICT – The Office of the President, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, released four new awards Sunday afternoon.

The awards are said to be issued upon good conduct, dedication, and past accomplishments. Currently, there is a shortage of medals in Dracul, which this revealing planned to resolve.

An ongoing discussion on the subject of who will be eligible to receive the awards, as well as the priority order is set to end by the middle of the week, as the President is awaiting feedback from Vice President Modena, who is currently out of town.

These four new awards will be made into physical medals, which will especially be worn on military dress uniforms during special occasions.

Citation of the Eagle (Breast Badge)

Citation of the Indomitable Viper (Breast Badge)

The Blue Star of Dracul

The Red Star of the Dragon