President Luke gives statement on Ukraine-Russia conflict

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022

Fellow micronationalists, governments of the world, and the People of Ukraine and of Russia,

I wanted to wait a few days before releasing a statement on this, to get the full picture and the latest developments.

This week has created a repeat in history, not seen since 1939, along the lines of an invasion in Europe. It was once said, “never again”, but here we are in 2022, facing off against another faction as Poland did against Nazi Germany. Over the past four days, we’ve witnessed civilians fleeing their homes, filled with anger, resentment, chaos, and worry. A tragic loss of life has taken place, including children.

Vladimir Putin of Russia has taken the opportunity to attack his westerly neighbor, clinging to false statements, history, and the accusation that Ukraine are neo-Nazis, as his reason for this vicious and brutal attack. The world, including Ukrainians, know that Ukraine is not a fascist nation. Ukraine is of a religious people, aiming to provide for their families, community, and national success.

The stories of young and old civilians, taking to the streets to defend their homes, along with police, military and the nation’s own President, knowing their lives could be lost at any minute, are of the heroes you only see in history books. It was reported that a civilian blew himself up, just to destroy a bridge, which he knew would only slow down the Russians. Many Russian troops have expressed in secrecy, their hatred of being in Ukraine in conflict, stating, “We don’t know where we are, and we don’t know who to shoot; they all look like us.”

While I am pleased that NATO has provided arms and ammunition to Ukraine to combat this invasion, I am not pleased with the United States’ response with minor sanctions which rarely ever work. Stronger actions should have been taken, as we knew this attack was inevitable.

Currently, there are two Draculians in Russia and one in Ukraine. I ask that the both of them, especially our Ukrainian citizen, to remain steadfast throughout this conflict. The nation of Ukraine belongs to you, and you should never hand it over. I urge President Putin to offer a ceasefire, to avoid the continuous loss of life on both sides of the isle.

We come upon the third night of Kiev in darkness, unsure of what’s to come next. Mark my words; there is a special place in the fires of Hell for vicious leaders who reign terror upon those who do not deserve it. Dracul stands behind Ukraine and all that it stands for. While we are unable to be there with you in person, we are with you in spirit. Slava Ukraini!

President Stephen Luke

Commonwealth of Dracul