Dracul Government donates to Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict

BRAN DISTRICT – President Luke ordered the Department of the Treasury to send a financial donation to the Nation of Ukraine on Monday morning, via the United Help Ukraine organization. The funds were sent electronically, via the organization’s website.

“I don’t feel discussing the amount donated is appropriate, however what I can say is that the amount ordered to be sent is more than enough to assist probably over 20 Ukrainians.” said President Luke when asked how much was donated.

The funds, indicated by United Help Ukraine, will go towards providing food, shelter, blankets, and transportation to those directly affected by the conflict. President Luke says he urges more micronations who support Ukraine to step up and make a donation of their choosing.

Many micronations are under funded and unable to donate millions, as the EU and NATO does, but many see any amount of donation as a worthy gesture during these trying times.

The Facebook fundraiser by UHU has already raised over $2,355,941 from many around the world. $2,500,000 is the goal, which is expected to be reached within a day or two.

Currently, Germany and the United States continue sending anti-tank rounds and additional ammunition, as the military, police, and civilians continue to defend the capital. Russia has been slown down by what appears to be a lack of preparedness, as Putin now makes nuclear threats.