Opinion: The importance of maintaining micronationalism privacy

Privacy on the internet is an upward battle when it comes to maintaining private information, such as credit cards, banking info, addresses, and email addresses.

Unfortunately the battle has become more difficult with the growing number of hackers and data sellers throughout the world. Privacy in micronationalism is even more important, as documents and citizen information are the most maintained.

In this article we‘ll cover the top 3 areas of concern, along with ways to properly secure private information.

Citizenship Information

The protection of personal information of applicants and current citizens of micronations should be set as the highest priority within governments.

Full names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and other private information should be kept in secure locations, but most importantly on secure form databases.

Google forms, Zoho forms, and jotforms are 3 of the top secure online forms in my experience.

Micronations should never share a citizen or applicant’s personal information with other micronations, even for “intel” or “investigation” reasons. Doing so may put you at risk for a lawsuit and possible macro criminal charges. Ensure you ask the party first before sending their information to others.

Email Address Revealing

Emailing other micronations is certainly necessary when the need for contact arises. There have been several instances where I’ve witnessed over 300 emails in a mass email list, which included mine as well.

Senders should be mindful of who they’re showing other email addresses to. If you’re going to send a mass email, it’s best to BCC all emails, to hide them from others.

On the subject of emails, if you decide to include emails in a campaign list to mass email, ensure you ask first if they consent. Having a sign up form on your website helps a great deal.

Data Leak Notifications

In the unfortunate event of a data leak, it is your responsibility to inform those affected that they were involved in such leak.

If you intentionally fail to inform parties of their leaked data, you’re setting yourself up for a lawsuit. Many macronations have laws requiring you to inform parties anyway.

Ensure you keep track of not only your databases but the companies that maintain that information for you.


Running a micronation can be fun and rewarding, but it does have its responsibilities. Meeting these requirements will ensure a smooth operation, along the lines of liability and privacy protection.

President Luke to give State of the Union Address tonight at 9pm central

BRAN DISTRICT – President Luke is scheduled to give his State of the Union Address tonight at 9pm central, in front of Parliament and the rest of the Draculian community.

The event is expected to be broadcasted on the Dracul YouTube channel. Topics of the address are the successes of 2021, along with January and February of 2022.

Future goals of the next four years is a discussion of importance, which is also expected to be mentioned. Those who’ve benefited Dracul, along with friends and allies are expected to receive recognition.

President Luke hopes many will tune in for this important broadcast, as it will be Dracul’s first State of the Union Address delivered by the President himself.

Former SOTU addresses were delivered by Luke, as he served as Vice President under President Howie, due to the former President’s lengthy absence.

The event is expected to last approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much detail is mentioned about each topic. Special awards are also a possibility of discussion.

Opinion: Micronational income vs. businesses masked as micronations

Micronations making money is a common practice within the micronational community, with a majority understanding that websites must stay online. Other items, such as physical awards and decorations must be purchased, along with highly demanded gift shop items, such as flags, pins, and passport folders.

What is not so common is the selling of citizenship access, entry into militaries, and the public bragging of how much a micronation possesses in money, gold, silver, and other items of value. The question many ask is, “where is the line in the sand that separates a micronation making money from a business pretending to be a micronation?”

Dunland on Twitter recently wrote, “It’s bothersome, in all honesty. I’m sure nobody minds ‘homegrown’ or ‘mom and pop’ money-making by micronations, e.g., selling mementos that pay for a website or whatnot. However, I take issue with businesses or individuals fronting as micronations in order to monetize and cash in.”

I personally feel that if a ‘micronation’ has no intentions of creating a culture, has no set purpose (other than to make money), and no governmental structure, that it is therefore a business and not a micronation.

The whole purpose for most micronationalists creating their nations is to create a culture, set up a government, provide entertainment or tasks for their citizens, create new friendships, and to provide a unique experience for their citizens. If your goal isn’t to provide any of that and just to focus on the money, it makes it difficult to be seen as a micronation.

The Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth on Twitter joined in the discussion, stating, “We’ve seen a few and while they’re not a big problem, they seem to misunderstand micronationalism as a monetizable hobby, rather than something to devote oneself more seriously to. I personally think they might give people the wrong impression of what a micronation is all about.”

Other individuals, such as Ethan of the Republic of Sohnland, go as far as feeling like corporations are high jacking micronationalism, as a means of pandering to a demographic they can rip off and sell to.

I created a video in May of 2021, welcoming newcomers into the community. One of the parts in my video talked about this very issue. I certainly hope that the new additions into our community understand why micronations were formed in the first place, and that while it’s important to make money; they should avoid making theirs into a money-making scheme.

American radio personality receives increased attention within micronationalism

Conversation has grown larger over the past couple of weeks within micronationalism, as a San Diego radio personality steers his micronation clear ahead into the micronational community.

Slowjamastan is an 11-acre parcel of property that runs beside State Route 78 in the California Desert. Randy Williams, the new owner, declared it a sovereign nation on Dec. 1, 2021. According to property records, he paid $19,000 for the site in October. Slowjamastan has experienced an influx of new citizens, as well as the development of diplomatic license plates, flags, and other items to help them expand their micronation’s image.

New micronations are an everyday occurrence within micronationalism, with most not being surprised when another one emerges. Many within the community have expressed their support in the newly created nation, while others took a more jealous approach of the quick success.

“I said if we have our own country, we can make our own laws, our own rules, hold people accountable,” Williams told a macro news company by phone on Thursday, speaking in what he called the “Slowjamastan accent.”

“Technically we are a dictatorship, I like to throw the hat around — the suggestion box if you will,” Williams said. “If I agree with the votes, the votes will survive. If not, I will strike it down with a vengeance.”

According to Williams, the micronation currently has 99 “citizens,” ranging from Americans to English residents and even a young girl from Zimbabwe. Free online citizenship applications are accepted 95% of the time, however the status comes with some restrictions.

“For example, you cannot wear Crocs into our nation,” Williams said. “There is a very heavy punishment for people who wear Crocs.”

What exactly Slowjamastan’s purpose is, and even what it will ultimately be, is unclear — even to Williams. Whether Slowjamastan will attempt partaking within the rest of the Micronational community, or keep to themselves as many of the more famous micronations do is unknown at this time.

  • Revision notice: Feb 8 – Sultan Williams is currently employed as a radio host, broadcasting 5 nights a week “Sunday Night Slow Jams”

Aeternia interview with Luke solves confusion on recent conflict

YOUTUBE – Emperor AP of the Empire of Aeternia held an interview with President Luke late Saturday evening, inquiring about and providing a platform for Dracul’s side of the most recent disagreement with Cycoldia.

The interview was fair and impartial, at least in the eyes of President Luke and several Draculians in attendance. Questions about the foundation of Dracul’s government structure, the start of Dracul-Cycoldian relations, the successes from it, and the fallout were discussed.

124 viewers were in attendance, some learning about the conflict for the first time, while others took into account Dracul’s stance on the situation.

“In a situation like this, when one side yells out discrimination when no such action took place, it’s necessary to correct that misinformation for the truth to be known.” said President Luke. “I felt AP handled the interview well, appreciated the attendees, and was glad the situation is now closed.”

Emperor AP is expected to release his full interview with Christina I within the next few days, along with his view on the entire situation. As of late, tensions have been low between Dracul and Cycoldia, as it appears.

President Luke and AP discussed a future interview to discuss Dracul history, their successes, goals, and lessons learned in the past.

Dracul to kick off February with Founders’ Day holiday

Contributing to a micronation isn’t the easiest when it gets down to the details which make one successful. Most founders of other nations will know that from personal experience.

Founders’ Day is a new Draculian holiday, created by executive order, which is making its debut tomorrow, February 5th. The purpose of the holiday is to unite the community together to honor our founders and get to know them better on a personal level.

If anything, socializing with those within a community is one of the key components of making activity remain solid.

Current Founding Persons are Stephen Luke, Dmitri Howie, Mark Millner, Kassie Bushong, Whisper Williams, Connor Modena, and Scott Jeanes. While Luke and Howie are the two primary founders, the others were added due to their contributions and physical activity within the community.

While there aren’t any physical events planned for this year at least, that may change as citizenship and activity begin growing once more in the Houston area.

Citizens and foreign diplomats are encouraged to stop by the Dracul discord, where many of the founders can be found to say hello and socialize.

First decline in users causes Facebook stock to drop 24%

Facebook’s stock plunge weighed on world markets yesterday, helping to drag down major stock indexes and reversing recent gains.

Shares in Meta, Facebook’s current owner, dropped 24% in Wednesday’s morning trading, as the company reported its largest loss of users in the history of the company.

This major drop caused the company’s overall value to drop 200 billion, which is larger than the entire Greek economy. This in turn caused Mark Zuckerberg to lose $29 billion from his own net worth.

US tech companies have come under mounting pressure in 2022, as investors expect policy tightening at the US federal reserve. This action is to erode the industry’s rich valuations following years of ultra low interest rates.

“Don’t vote for failure Hildalgo!”, says President Luke, amid upcoming macro-county elections

BRAN DISTRICT – The Harris County Texas elections are quickly approaching with both open seats and incumbents at risk of being replaced. Positions such as Houston ISD board member, county judge, and various others will be on the 2022 ballot. This election is expected by many to be a heated one.

President Luke spoke on Wednesday evening, making it abundantly clear that he wants County Judge Lina Hidalgo out of office, whose been serving in that position since her win over Republican Ed Emmett in 2018. President Luke made no secret as to why he holds so much distrust in Hidalgo.

“She can be any political party she wants to be, but Houstonians will not tolerate her failed actions on crime any longer.” said the President. “You literally have murderers, even repeat offenders walking out of jail on bail/bond, even at times without paying a cent!” he added.

President Luke references the skyrocketing murder rate over the past four years as her largest failure to date. Since 2020, the murder rate has risen from 405 to 474, which Luke and upcoming macro-candidates on both sides of the isle have both agreed are mostly due to her failed reforms. Famous businessmen, such as “Mattress Mack” of Gallery Furniture in Houston have even ran ads, supporting newer candidates over Hidalgo.

“We have utter lawlessness in the County.”, says Alexandra Mealer, a candidate for Harris County Judge. “The homicide gets the headlines, but how many carjackings are there? How many break-ins; like we don’t even talk about just all the property theft. They are close to making Harris County un-investable.” she added.

President Luke says he understands this is an upcoming macro election, but that crime is not solely a macro matter any longer. Elections are expected to take place in March, with at least nine other candidates, mostly on the Republican side aiming for her seat alone.

Judge Hidalgo stated she feels no threat in this election and believes these attacks are nothing more than political theatre, which she further stated were disgraceful towards those who’ve already been murdered.

Dracul-Aeternian Interview scheduled for Saturday

A YouTube interview is scheduled for Saturday, February 5th at 9:30pm central, with Emperor AP of Aeternia hosting President Stephen Luke on the topics of Dracul history and recent events.

The interview was offered to President Luke about a week ago, after the Dracul-Cycoldia disagreement took place three weeks ago. Emperor AP had provided an interview to Christina I on her side of the conflict, however many neutral and negative comments were left on that interview, asking for both sides of the incident.

“I respect that AP made the decision to provide a platform to both sides of the conflict.” said President Luke. “The advertising of Christina’s interview was very biased, which the Aeternian Instagram admitted in comments to others, however the live streamed interview was neutral in some aspects.”

President Luke said he feels very confident about the interview, as he plans to not only provide left out details from the previous interview, and several bombshells to back his statements, but Draculian education and history as well.

Emperor AP currently hosts a weekly broadcast, covering the topics of Aeternia, their developments, plans, and successes. At times the Emperor also interviews other micronationalists to learn more about them.

Opinion: Has Parliament finally reached its full potential?

Struggles appear to be an issue of the past in Dracul’s National Parliament; something most micronational parliaments report and display publicly all the time, with pleas of more members, votes of no confidence, and resignations.

The issue of “yes men” as they’re called, where individuals neglect to review a bill, then vote yes to say they’ve done a job was a common practice among several former parliamentary members, which caused great distress and concern.

Dracul’s Parliament now consists of the most active and dedicated number of Parliamentary members Dracul has ever witnessed. Not only is every region represented, but all members have engaged in actual debate, summary introduction of their bills, and taken action as necessary. Now, there are rare occasions of members missing session; an issue that used to be annoyingly repetitive.

Senator Scott Jeanes of Breco Territory has mentioned several times of his displeasure in seeing a disorganized and short staffed Parliament. President Luke when asked stated he never felt this day would come, but was glad to be proven wrong.

“From 2018 to this last month, things have always gone wrong in the Parliament.” said President Luke. “Former members would never look at bills and just randomly vote, members would never show up, several members never introduced bills, and debate was rarely heard of.”

“I’d say last night’s senate session went quite well. Probably the best session we’ve ever had, believe me. It was also quite successful for the Blue Party, as the results of Bill 39 and 40 went the way we pushed for.” said Senator Karl Frederick. “We got the new immigration requirements to pass and the attempted infringement on religious freedom to fail. Was truly great.”

With things appearing to go in the right direction, the checks and balances in Dracul now seem to have a chance at success. Parliament elections in each state are expected to take place this month on February 7th, with ballots going out to all registered voters.