First non-Draculian awarded Citation of the Silver Dragon

MEDICI CITY, PFR – President Luke awarded the Citation of the Dragon in silver to a non-Draculian Friday evening. This is the first time in history that the award has been given to another head of state.

President Devin Purcell was chosen as the first recipient of the award, due to his dedication, respect, and assistance to Dracul, according to President Luke’s statement to Vice President Modena.

“Vice President Modena and I have talked about dedicated “friends”, “allies”, and acquaintances over the past week. It’s difficult to find a high level of dedication from micronationalists these days.” said President Luke. “If you prove yourself to Dracul and show respect as a recognized nation, you are awarded.” he added.

Among the list of accomplishments were assistance with the Dracul MicroWiki page, past conflict support, advertising side projects such as MicroImprovement, and attending MicroWorkshop 2021.

The physical regalia is expected to be mailed out to Purcell this weekend, which will allow Purcell to wear it during ceremonies and photo ops for Penn Federal Republic.

The award was originally part of the Order of the Dragon, after Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica turned over the rights to President Luke. It is unknown if there are other candidates being considered at this time.

Mysterious red light appears in the sky of Dracul, Wednesday night

HOUSTON – Were you able to notice the strange red light that appeared in the Houston sky on Wednesday night?

You’re not alone. Local news stations were inundated with videos and photos from viewers asking what it was. The answer? Nobody seems to know.

What we do know is that the light first appeared at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The light looked to have gone out at 9:15 p.m.

The majority of the reports came from the city’s east side. Friendswood, League City, Santa Fe, and other nearby communities sent us reports.

Some suggested the light could be flaring from one of the nearby refineries, but the light appeared to be at high altitude, so it’s not clear if that’s the case.

For what it’s worth, a LyondellBasell plant in La Porte said the plant was undergoing activities that would result in periodic flaring.

“You may notice a bright orange flame, black smoke or a rumbling noise,” the message said. “There is no danger to our community or workers … no need to take any action. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The light resembled something called a red sprite. The problem with that theory is that red sprites usually appear in groups and are usually positioned over active thunderstorms, so that’s likely not the case.

Popular “MicroWiki” website down, admins unsure of issue presently

Edit: As of 24 March, 5:14am central, MicroWiki is operational/online.

Users and visitors of the most commonly used “MicroWiki” site were met with an error and random list of code upon attempting to access the site as of earlier today, according to those attempting to access the site since this afternoon.

“Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.”, along with “(Cannot access the database)” were a few of the error messages listed.

After speaking with two admins from the MicroWiki, both acknowledged the site was down, but did not provide reason as both stated, “It seems that way”. Since yesterday evening, the site appeared to be running smoothly, which raises the question to many if this was a form of attack.

Founding Mother expecting daughter in upcoming weeks

MOLDAVIA – Founding Mother Kassie Bushong-Hood is expecting to give birth to her first daughter on April 13, according to recent statements.

Hood learned of her pregnancy approximately 8 months ago, while still married to her now late husband Aaron Hood. Delilah was the name picked by both parents.

“I honestly can’t tell if I’m excited or upset.” said the Founding Mother. “I’m definitely ready to meet her, because her father will definitely be by my side throughout it all.” she added.

Oliver was the first born boy of the Founding Mother, at the time she was still known as Bushong. Dracul has stood closely with Hood since the loss of her late husband.

“This is an exciting moment for Kassie, however there are some somber parts, like not having Aaron with her.” said President Luke. “He will be there with her in spirit and that’s all that matters now.” he ended.

Delilah Aaron-Blain Hood will be the fifth baby born to a Draculian, which will result in an additional citizen and proud moment for the nation as well.

Podcast aids struggling micronations with two episodes as of late

The Micro Improvement podcast, launched by Stephen Luke and co-hosted by Connor Modena got off to a great start March 10, according to internal analytics. Episode 2, which covered joining and creating micronations, inactive citizens, title collectors, and diplomacy, was released March 18, consisting of over 45 listeners on night one.

The podcast aims to assist struggling micronations who seek the advice of experienced micronationalists on the subjects of damage control and renovation. Micronations as a whole struggle with at least one issue throughout their existence, some more than others. The podcast is hosted free of charge and located on, Apple podcast, and Spotify.

“What we’ve done is start a podcast to give back to the micronational community.” said Stephen Luke, President of Dracul. “There are a lot of micronations out there struggling to stay afloat, so we hope this program will provide tips to getting back on par.” he added.

While many micronationalists have aced for the most part micronationalism, Luke stated that the podcast caters to successful micronations as well.

“Just because you’re doing well with your nation doesn’t mean you can’t listen in on advice and tips.” said Connor Modena. “We’re doing this for everyone, not just those who believe they are failing.”

The podcast plans on continuous episodes and seasons, aimed at specific issues within micronationalism. When asked about controversy, the hosts made it clear that while controversy needs addressing, the podcast will not dive into ongoing drama of other micronations.

Micro Improvement podcast launching March 10

The Micro Improvement podcast, hosted by Stephen Luke and Connor Modena is debuting its first episode on March 10 at 7pm central. The podcast was the idea of Modena, as many within the micronational community have discussed the constant same issues that plague the community.

The weekly podcast’s goal is to educate and provide advice for new and current micronationalists, on the subjects of nation building, conflict resolution, gaining citizens, reversing course in dead/stagnant micronations, and professionalism. These were the subjects that many saw as hot button issues.

Micronationalists who tune in weekly will be able to not only hear the podcasts, but submit questions before and during the show, which they’ll have a chance at getting answers to. Guests, while not a common occurrence, will be on the show at times to talk more in detail about their experiences on the subjects.

“I think the issue with starting a micronation for many is that there isn’t an actual proper guide on how to complete steps one, two, and three.” said Stephen Luke. “Many of us, including myself have to wing it and hope we’re doing what’s right in the development process.” he added.

Dead or abandoned micronations are a constant issue within the community, as many leave their nation projects without additional effort or informing others of their dissolution. This causes issues, such as mutually recognized friends no longer continuing communication and citizens who’re unaware of their nation’s dissolution.

The podcast is currently hosted by Anchor will be accessible 24/7. The first episode will be on the subject of micronation building. Each episode is expected to be between 30 minutes to an hour long.