Micro Improvement podcast launching March 10

The Micro Improvement podcast, hosted by Stephen Luke and Connor Modena is debuting its first episode on March 10 at 7pm central. The podcast was the idea of Modena, as many within the micronational community have discussed the constant same issues that plague the community.

The weekly podcast’s goal is to educate and provide advice for new and current micronationalists, on the subjects of nation building, conflict resolution, gaining citizens, reversing course in dead/stagnant micronations, and professionalism. These were the subjects that many saw as hot button issues.

Micronationalists who tune in weekly will be able to not only hear the podcasts, but submit questions before and during the show, which they’ll have a chance at getting answers to. Guests, while not a common occurrence, will be on the show at times to talk more in detail about their experiences on the subjects.

“I think the issue with starting a micronation for many is that there isn’t an actual proper guide on how to complete steps one, two, and three.” said Stephen Luke. “Many of us, including myself have to wing it and hope we’re doing what’s right in the development process.” he added.

Dead or abandoned micronations are a constant issue within the community, as many leave their nation projects without additional effort or informing others of their dissolution. This causes issues, such as mutually recognized friends no longer continuing communication and citizens who’re unaware of their nation’s dissolution.

The podcast is currently hosted by Anchor will be accessible 24/7. The first episode will be on the subject of micronation building. Each episode is expected to be between 30 minutes to an hour long.