Podcast aids struggling micronations with two episodes as of late

The Micro Improvement podcast, launched by Stephen Luke and co-hosted by Connor Modena got off to a great start March 10, according to internal analytics. Episode 2, which covered joining and creating micronations, inactive citizens, title collectors, and diplomacy, was released March 18, consisting of over 45 listeners on night one.

The podcast aims to assist struggling micronations who seek the advice of experienced micronationalists on the subjects of damage control and renovation. Micronations as a whole struggle with at least one issue throughout their existence, some more than others. The podcast is hosted free of charge and located on anchor.fm, Apple podcast, and Spotify.

“What we’ve done is start a podcast to give back to the micronational community.” said Stephen Luke, President of Dracul. “There are a lot of micronations out there struggling to stay afloat, so we hope this program will provide tips to getting back on par.” he added.

While many micronationalists have aced for the most part micronationalism, Luke stated that the podcast caters to successful micronations as well.

“Just because you’re doing well with your nation doesn’t mean you can’t listen in on advice and tips.” said Connor Modena. “We’re doing this for everyone, not just those who believe they are failing.”

The podcast plans on continuous episodes and seasons, aimed at specific issues within micronationalism. When asked about controversy, the hosts made it clear that while controversy needs addressing, the podcast will not dive into ongoing drama of other micronations.